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New Product: Mobile Stairlift Evac Chair


Brooklyn, NY, March 23, 2021 — Mobile Stairlift, a company that specializes in providing individuals with mobility impairments a variety of portable stairlifts, has released a brand new product to add to their fleet of stairlifts: the Mobile Stairlift Evac Chair.

The Evac Chair is created with ambulant personnel in mind to safely transport a patient during an emergency evacuation. With rubber treads that absorb most of the weight, transporting the rider requires little effort on the part of the operator. The lightweight, foldable design allows for ease of use and transportation, meaning it can be used virtually anywhere. Without a battery, the operator has no need to worry about charging the Evac Chair before use; it’s ready to use whenever, wherever.

Mobile Stairlift founder Shia Halpern stated, “We have revolutionized emergency evacuation chairs. You no longer have to choose between the patient’s safety and comfort. With the Evac Chair, the patient can maintain both. The Evac Chair is foldable, slim, slick, and durable. This is a must-have for all high-rise buildings and multiple story dwellings.”

About Mobile Stairlift: Mobile Stairlift is a portable stairlift company based in Brooklyn, New York. Founded in 2010, it differentiates itself from competitors by not requiring any pre-installation for its products. Mobile Stairlift provides mobility aid solutions for individuals with disabilities and ambulatory professionals.

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