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Near Country Provisions Expands Farm-to-Doorstep Delivery to Include Chicken


Washington, DC, June 23, 2021- Near Country Provisions, a subscription-based, curated service specializing in local meat, is now offering pasture-raised chicken, complementing pasture-raised pork, 100% grass-fed beef, and wild-caught seafood.

“Now we offer the range of meats that accommodate most DMV households’ home-cooking needs,” says Near Country Provisions founder Adam Gerson. “When we launched our service early in the pandemic with just beef and pork, we knew we had an incomplete offering. Having added seafood earlier this year and now chicken, we can provide a mix of locally- and ethically-sourced meats that work for most households — including those that focus on white meat.”

Near Country Provisions works with family-owned farms, including Freedom Valley Farm and Grand View Farm in Harford County, Maryland; Pennsylvania-based Thistle Creek Farms; and Virginia’s Grayson Natural Farms to curate a diverse selection of cuts ranging from chicken breasts, tenders, legs, wings and whole chickens; steaks, ribs and roasts; ground meat and sausage; and fish fillets and whole fish. For seafood, Near Country partners with buyers based in Howard County, Maryland, and sources fillets and whole fish from various local species.

“We’re proud to have found in Freedom Valley Farm a chicken-farming partner whose exacting standards gel with ours,” says Gerson. “The Hamby family provides their chickens with lush pasture to forage in, and their commitment to regenerative agriculture is further reflected in the care with which they treat their animals and the land.

“It can be hard to keep track of all the buzzwords around healthy and ethical agriculture, but when principled farmers are committed to it, ‘pasture-raised and ‘regenerative’ are much more meaningful than ‘free-range’ which is a misleading term industrial producers often use.”

Near Country Provisions customers have the flexibility to customize their orders, choosing the types of provisions depending on curation style (Daily Grind, Essentials, All-In) and meat mix (chicken, beef, pork, seafood, or a mix), amount (starting at 5 pounds per delivery), and even frequency of deliveries (monthly, bi-monthly, or even skip a month). Prices range from $3 per serving to $8 per serving, depending on selection. An assortment of premium and offal cuts, like liver and broth bones, are available as optional add-ons, as well. Delivery is always free.

For more information about Near Country Provisions’ offerings, farm partners or values, or to begin a subscription, visit DMV residents who live outside the current service area can email [email protected] with the name of their community and zip code to express their interest in being added as the service area for meat delivery expands.

ABOUT NEAR COUNTRY PROVISIONS: Near Country Provisions is a subscription-based, farm-to-doorstep service for local meat, sourcing and delivering pasture-raised meat like chicken and pork, 100% grass-fed beef, and wild-caught seafood.

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Name: Adam Gerson, Founder-CEO
Business: Near Country Provisions
Phone: 917-512-3606
Email: [email protected]

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