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Natural Remedies — Discovering the Power of Plants in these Crazy Times

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Why concern ourselves with Natural Remedies and why is discovering the power of plants in these crazy times important? Because lately, COVID-19 has people losing their minds. People are compulsively buying out the toilet paper in every store. They are buying a year’s worth of food for their families. Schools have shut down in a lot of states, and gathering in crowds more than ten has been made illegal. Just about every institution that thrives around people gathering has suffered, and social distancing has become the new norm.

Therefore, I want to offer some hope as opposed to the panic and hype that has been circulating the media and our communities. That hope being the POWER OF PLANTS! And how you can boost your immunity in these crazy-ass times.

One of the warnings I’ve heard is that people with compromised immune systems are more at risk than the average person and that the elderly community is also more at risk. It’s spreading quickly, as you can be contagious without having symptoms. You’re probably wondering what you can do to help your loved ones with compromised immune systems, or panicking hoping that it doesn’t get as bad here as it did in Italy with the hospitals being overwhelmed.

If that turns out to be the case, you want to have a secret weapon in your arsenalcheck out this link for a book PACKED with natural remedies for EVERYTHING! Including antiviral, respiratory, cold and flu remedies and ways to naturally boost your immune system to give your “inner doctor” (your lymphatic system) the kick in the ass that it needs to fight off viruses and boost overall health.

Herbal medicine has become a rising trend among those that:

  • have an existing autoimmune disorder
  • are taking pills with little effect
  • tired of the side effects of drugs
  • tired of paying $$$ to Big Pharma
  • want to be prepared for a crisis
  • just want to live healthier lives.

That being said, it was the ONLY form of medicine all the way back to 460 B.C. At a time when most people attributed sickness to superstition and the wrath of the gods, Hippocrates taught that all forms of illness had a natural cause. So Hippocrates is the OG of medicine, and it all began with a simple understanding that illness had a cause and that plants, when used in specific ways, could either cure or alleviate symptoms with little to no side effects. Apart from years of trial and error, which involved a lot of death from eating poisonous plants. Thank goodness we have their failures to learn from and science to back it up!

Natural Remedies — Discovering the Power of Plants in these Crazy Times. Mortar and Pestle with resh herbs.

With all this extra time on your hands, being isolated from the community and your children being home from school; maybe it’s time to go back to our roots and reconnect with family, self, and mother earth. Discovering the power of the plants in your backyard could not only be fun but could help protect you and yours from COVID-19. Whether or not we can prevent it with plants is a mystery. But being able to alleviate symptoms and aid the respiratory system if you do get it is invaluable.

Ignorance is the worst disease! Take your health into your own hands and arm yourself with valuable knowledge. Then perhaps when this thing passes and we’re hit with another pandemic or your health begins to deteriorate, you’ll have the plant knowledge to help yourself when modern medicine fails.

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