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Mr.Hack is the blogger that will help you become tech-savvy. On his blog, you’ll be able to learn hacks about apps, software, and the web with detailed tutorials and how to-s. Check out his content on his YouTube channel:


Kyiv, Ukraine, 10 December 2021 — If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming tech-savvy or you have a business that needs to be successful online, you should watch content, the blog that provides you with easy and smart hacks about everyday software.

At his YouTube Channel platform, you’ll be able to learn from his videos about a variety of different labels such as:
1. Hacks on the everyday tools: e.g. Chrome, Safari, Mail, Skype, Office (and dozens of others) – that will significantly boost your productivity both in office and home.
2. Vlogs on how to grow your business online: with handy tutorials about online marketing, SEO (Keywords, Backlinks, Ahrefs, Buzzsumo), Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube), Growth Hacks, Online Advertising (AdWords, Facebook ads) and WordPress, you will receive valuable contemporary marketing knowledge.
3. Simple tutorials on simple coding: Such as Frontend, Backend, QA – that might help you to land your dream IT job.

And that’s only on YouTube, because at his blog,, you’ll find entries where he describes different apps and software while providing easy advice on how to use these apps. You’ll be able to access all of his courses with a membership that starts at $3 per month! Save time and money by visiting a one-site only that provides user-friendly information and hacks on the latest tech trends.

For example, do you need to Share TikTok video on LinkedIn? Don’t worry, Mr.Hack has the solution. And once you read their entry, you’ll be able to stand out in your LinkedIn feed. Because sharing a viral TikTok video can be a great idea since videos have a better engagement rate on LinkedIn. Or have you ever wondered how to Delete itsme accounts? He’ll teach you how to!

It doesn’t matter if you’re far away from being a Gen Z, his hacks will provide you with the best info on the web, that will take you from being a tech enemy to making hundreds of new online friends at the Wizz app -the app that permits the users to discover as well as meet new companions by looking through a live feed of different people using it- or to learn how to start your own CRYPTO starter portfolio. And the best part is that it doesn’t matter with which company are you with, since you will learn a lot of stuff about Mac, Windows, iPhone, Android, that will make your life much easier.

Visit to find out more useful tech hacks. Don’t forget to check out his vlogs at and enjoy podcast with all episodes available on Subscribe to succeed online, and save your time by becoming tech-savvy with Mr.Hack!

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Name: Andrew Dao
Address: Mezhyhirska St, 50, Kyiv, Ukraine 02000
Phone:+380 (044) 236-11541
Email: [email protected] / [email protected]

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