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Find Miami’s Best Burgers at Outer Space Burgers

Outer Space Burgers is known as one of the best burger joints in the Miami area.


Miami, FL, September 6, 2022— When it comes to good burgers, one Miami restaurant has completely changed the game. Outer Space Burgers is forever changing the way people enjoy burgers.

With their creative, space-themed menu, you will never look at burgers the same ever again! The Outer Space Burger menu is diverse, offering you a wide variety of burgers to choose from.

With over ten different burgers to choose from, there is something for everyone. A fan favorite is the Dark Matter Burger. It is a star-studded burger with salted mushrooms and truffle oil- the perfect balance of a naughty and nice burger.

However, customers are not just limited to hamburgers.

“Our Parallax mega crispy chicken sandwich is a no-brainer! Made with Chicken breast, perfectly seasoned and breaded in a delicious crunchy coating, this sandwich is sure to be your next favorite,” said a waitress from Outer Space Burgers.

There is even a meatless option! The Wormhole is made of impossible meat, with ketchup, mustard, tomatoes, pickles, and onions.

Each burger has a different combination of toppings, making each one unique. From caramelized onions to fried macaroni and cheese, you can find just about any topping.

For sides, you can order fries, loaded fries, and onion rings. There are also many different beverages to choose from!

There are many different ways you can order Outer Space Burgers. You can have your tasty meal delivered right to your doorstep. You can order for takeout as well.

With Outer Space Burgers, you can order right off your phone with the online order option. This can be found online on the company website.

“Whether you are looking for burgers for delivery, or take out burgers, our team will make sure you get your meal in no time!” boasted one Outer Space delivery driver.

Outer Space Burgers prides themselves on their dedication to their clients. Each and every customer is treated as the most important customer in the galaxy.

For more information on Outer Space Burgers, you can visit their website. Here you can find the full menu, where you will need to make some big decisions on what to order.

You can even order right off the website! Curious to see what these Outer Space Burgers look like? Check out Outer Space Burgers on Instagram!

So what are you waiting for? Try the best burgers in Miami today!

About Outer Space Burgers:

Outer Space Burgers is a restaurant located in Miami, Florida. They are renowned for their creative menu and delicious tasting food. The restaurant offers takeout, delivery, or pickup. Outer Space Burgers is open Wednesday-Sunday, 5pm-12am.

Contact Information:

Albertina Manosalva
Outer Space Burgers
12409 Biscayne Blvd North Miami, FL 33181
(786) 321-8363
Instagram: @outerspaceburgers

Outer Space Burgers

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