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Men’s Residential Addiction Treatment Center

Sagebrush’s Men’s Residential Addiction Treatment center in Great Falls is a home-like setting for men. Those seeking treatment for drug and alcohol addiction have a home here. The expansive home is on a quiet street in Great Falls, Virginia. This eight-bed treatment home provides a tranquil, supportive, loving, and compassionate place where healing can begin.

the front of the mens residential addiction treatment center in great fallsOur approach to the treatment of addiction is rooted in the philosophy that all parts of the body, mind, spirit, and self—must be mended for a person to live the full life they deserve. Our program of recovery is intended to help clients recognize the root causes of their addictions and encourage them to implement the changes essential to have a sustainable, joyful life in recovery. We want every client to realize life can be experienced deeply, lovingly, and peacefully.

The Men’s Residential Addiction Treatment Center in Great Falls

The Sagebrush residential team at the men’s residential addiction treatment center in Great Falls creates a safe and intimate place. Here, the true transformative work towards recovery can begin. The staff believes in the power of the individual and nurtures each client through their journey. From the moment you walk through the door, you feel welcomed to a community of support, care, and love. In our male-only residential treatment center, we offer primarily shared bedrooms and bathrooms with a few private rooms with private bathrooms.

The compassionate, warm, and kind approach we take is evident in the care each staff member provides to the individuals in our care. Our men’s residential facility accepts adult men from age 18 and up.

Sagebrush uses a wide variety of therapeutic techniques. The compelling and clinically rich treatment program we use integrates a holistic approach to achieve lasting results. Our highly trained clinical team strives to create the most comprehensive and effective treatment program for each client. We rely on years of expertise, intuition, heart-centered communication and honesty to guide the treatment experience. In addition to therapeutic groups, we provide individual therapy sessions three times per week. We explore and work hard to understand and gather critical information about each person’s story of addiction, so we can tailor a treatment program that works best for each individual. Our treatment programs work to understand and uncover experiences of trauma, family dynamics, intimacy and relationships, communication and a wide variety of other issues.


Custom Drug Rehab for Men

Sagebrush believes high-quality psychotherapy and a holistic treatment approach can lead to a life of sobriety. It also allows for successful recovery. Our Men’s Residential Great Falls home is in a tranquil and secluded wooded area. Here, clients can focus on themselves and their recovery, without the distraction of the outside world. Each man enters a community of love and support, which will mirror the recovery community outside the center’s walls. These, as well as future, relationships are vital in all stages of recovery—starting with the first days of sobriety. We know that leaving the life a person knows to come to a residential treatment facility can be scary and anxiety-provoking. This is often the most important and hardest decision a person will make in their lifetime, and Sagebrush strives to envelop each person in the care and love they deserve.

Our addiction treatment staff at Sagebrush is highly educated and are effective clinicians who bring a wealth of experience to dealing with male addiction issues. Our loving and encouraging therapists help each man create a new recovery story.


Aftercare Program for Men

Aftercare planning is a crucial element to treatment and a very important part of our program. We encourage a step-down approach after completing residential treatment. Many people continue outpatient care at Sagebrush’s outpatient office, in our Partial Hospitalization Program or Intensive Outpatient Program. Our Case Manager and therapy team collaborate to design an effective and robust aftercare program. This allows clients to leave Sagebrush with a plan for success.

Speak confidentially with a Sagebrush admissions coordinator.

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Begin at Our Residential Drug Rehab Center in Great Falls Today

The time to begin your recovery journey is now. To learn more about the Sagebrush’s men’s residential addiction treatment center in Great Falls, contact us today. Call now at (866) 488-1156.

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