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Make Your Business Standout In 2020


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New year look, its time to make your business stick out or get that new business looking good. I am going to run through some options to help that happen. If you are starting a new business or have one currently you know the first thing someone sees is your storefront. The most vital piece of the storefront is the sign which represents the first impression of a business. Just because something looks great doesn’t always mean it’s expensive and today, I am going to run you through some options that will make you stand out from the rest depending on your budget.

Metal Letters, first these are going to be toward the top of the budget as they are made with aluminum, copper brass or steel. If you want a thin metal letter the aluminum is the cost saver, these are solid but a less expensive material. If you wanted a thicker one instead of paying up for a 1” aluminum letter you can use stainless steel which is hollow but gives you the depth look. If you wanted to paint these deepening on your budget, I would say the less expensive would to go with a different material.

These brings me to the plastic vs acrylic sign. If you wanted to go the painted route we have a similar situation of if you wanted a thinner letter to go with acrylic since its solid but if you were looking to get that depth you can opt for plastic which is allow but less expensive.

After we move on from your sign you should be displaying sales in your window, you can use banners, window decals or window clings. The banners can be used for special sales and we suggest the perforated window decals, these can be seen from the outside but indoors just looks like a tinted window. They are easy to put on and off so you can change them with sales. If you are looking for something more permanent you can use vinyl letters which are very easy to install and will stay looking good for over a year.

Once your customer is inside you have a few different options to make your logo stand out, one being wooden letters. If you have a rustic theme restaurant or want a classy look you can use wood letters or a logo carved out of wood. There are great for indoors and can be painted or stained depending on the look you want to go for. If you do not of a rustic theme you might opt for an acrylic sign that we can print anything you want. These give you a modern touch as most acrylic signs are clear and they stand off the wall about ½ inch or more. These are great signs for a lobby or inside store.

What it comes down to it you need to make your business stick out and look good. The value of a great sign can be priceless. You want a nice clean sign that portrays what your business stands for and if you include a logo you want that to be memorable. If you are having issues on not exactly knowing what you want here at American Sign Letters we ave designers on staff that can mock something up for you.

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