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Marijuana Addiction Treatment Center

Marijuana is the most widely used illicit drug in the U.S. There is also a trend around the nation toward legalizing marijuana for medicinal and recreational reasons. But users may not realize the long-term effects. It’s possible to abuse marijuana and develop an addictive relationship with the drug, even if it’s legal. In fact, with the potency of marijuana reaching a historical high, cannabis addiction is an even greater concern. More people are showing up in emergency departments and addiction treatment centers with problems related to marijuana use.

People sometimes smoke marijuana to self-medicate, thinking it will make them feel better. Unfortunately, the use of marijuana to treat symptoms of anxiety, depression or other issues can backfire. Marijuana drug abusers may become more anxious or more depressed. Over time, marijuana abuse can take over your life.

It is essential to get effective treatment for marijuana addiction. Promises offers evidence-based substance abuse and mental health treatment. We can help you through marijuana rehab and marijuana withdrawal. Promises’ trained and licensed behavioral health care practitioners will create a treatment plan that reflects your needs and life experiences. You will have a chance to experience the best available treatments for marijuana. Through compassionate inpatient rehab, you’ll learn that life without drugs and alcohol is more rewarding than you can imagine.

What Is Treatment for Marijuana Addiction Like?

Like all drug addictions, marijuana abuse poses risks. Regular use over time can result in both physical and psychological dependence. Promises’ marijuana addiction treatment center can help you get better. Specifics of a marijuana addiction rehab program are different for everyone, but typically include:

Detox and Addiction Rehab

Clients with marijuana use disorders are often addicted to other substances as well. They may abuse a prescription drug like an anti-anxiety medication (Xanax, Valium, other benzodiazepines). They may also use illicit drugs.

The first step in marijuana abuse treatment could be an outpatient drug detox. If you’re a long-term marijuana user, you could experience marijuana withdrawal when you stop. The combination of marijuana and illicit drugs or prescription drugs can also bring about dangerous withdrawal symptoms.

Promises’ medical team will make sure drug detox is safe and as comfortable as possible. We’ll ease withdrawal symptoms with medications and alternative approaches. You’ll emerge from detox feeling ready to begin the work of recovery in marijuana rehab.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

man smokes joint and thinks about a marijuana addiction treatment centerCo-occurring disorders like anxiety and depression are also common with marijuana abuse. At Promises, addiction rehab tackles substance abuse and mental health disorders together. You may have an addiction to marijuana because you were originally trying to ease anxiety or depression symptoms. On the other hand, the long-term effects of marijuana may contribute to symptoms that mimic mental health disorders.

Promises’ psychiatric team will help you navigate mental health symptoms. Short-term medication may help mental health symptoms stemming from marijuana use. A long-term prescription drug may be necessary if you have an underlying mental health disorder. We’ll work with you regularly so we can adjust types of treatment as appropriate.

Exploring Issues That Led to Addiction

You’ll work one-on-one and in group settings with licensed behavioral health care professionals. Therapy sessions give you a chance to dig into underlying issues contributing to marijuana abuse. You’ll develop trusting relationships with your counselors and feel safe exploring such topics as:

  • Trauma
  • Relationship issues
  • Family problems
  • Alcohol and drug abuse
  • Poor self-esteem

There is a treatment option for every issue you face. You’ll be introduced to a variety of ways to heal substance abuse and mental illness at our treatment facility.

Individual Therapy

Addiction specialists provide behavioral therapy to change problematic behaviors of drug abusers. We introduce clients to healthier alternative behaviors. Marijuana users learn to use healthy coping skills instead of resorting to drug use. Some approaches that are effective in treating marijuana addiction include:

Group Therapy

Group therapy is an important part of inpatient rehab. This treatment process provides many opportunities to learn healthy communication skills. Group therapy sessions include a small group of peers. You’ll “see yourself” in others and help peers by sharing your own struggles. Many find this part of drug rehab to be the most transforming.

Family Therapy

Alcohol and drug abuse have far-reaching impacts on loved ones. That’s why family therapy is available, as appropriate. You’ll discuss difficult topics with the guidance of trained mental health professionals. You and your loved ones will learn better communication skills and how to support each other in recovery.

Continuing Care and Relapse Prevention

When you leave Promises, you’ll be ready for life after drug rehab. We’ll connect you with resources that help you continue on the road to recovery. These may include:

  • Individual therapy appointments
  • Family therapy appointments
  • Support groups
  • Outpatient treatment
  • Sober living options
  • Promises alumni group

Start a Better Way of Life

Life is better without drug and alcohol abuse. Speak confidentially with our recovery advisors about Promises’ marijuana addiction treatment. We’ll help you get your life back on track.

To learn more about Marijuana Addiction Treatment, call 888-478-1669

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