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Kids Room Interior Design: 10 Decoration Ideas and Concepts

Whether your children are ten years old or three, you want to design a kids room where they feel safe, comfortable, and content. Having a place where they can grow, play, and learn will ensure that they’re as happy as possible.

However, creating a kids room isn’t easy, especially if your kids are younger and their interests aren’t as clear yet. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of ten kids room decoration ideas that you can take advantage of. 

Keep reading to learn about ten kids room interior design ideas that you can use to delight both yourself and your kids.

1. Bring It Down to Their Level 

You can give your kids all of the organizational space in the world, but if they can’t reach the shelves and dressers that you provide them with, then they aren’t going to use them. 

Try to tailor the furniture you provide them with to their relative height level. Make sure that they can open up bins, sit on benches, and make full use of their closets without needing any parental help. 

2. Unleash Their Inner Artist With a Chalkboard Wall

Whether they’re a future Picasso or not, all kids enjoy dabbling with art. It gives them a chance to escape from the rigidness that often goes along with the education system and allows them to develop a number of other skills, as well. 

Instead of giving them some paint, consider painting a wall of their room with chalkboard paint. This will allow them to write, draw, and unleash the creativity present in their minds. 

3. Let There Be Light

As is the case with any room in your home, make sure to put a lot of thought when choosing the lights in your kids room. An overhead light can work great when you want a lot of light, but consider getting other options as well.

Small lamps and desk lights might not be as bright, but they can encourage activities such as reading. They’ll also be less harsh for your eyes if you have to console your kid through a nightmare in the middle of the night. 

4. Add Bursts of Color

Your whole house can have a minimalist design theme that’s to die for, but do you really think your kids will enjoy that aesthetic too? Regardless of how modern or chic their rooms look, make sure to throw in some bursts of color to keep things light and fun.

White walls and floors are fine, but try looking at different color palettes to figure out which colors to use for their desks, bedspread, and other pieces in the room. 

5. Add Wall Stickers and Decals 

If you don’t feel like committing to an entire wallpaper change, look into adding some different wall stickers or decals. These are an easy (and cheap) way to bring some personality and life into your kids room.

You can find wall stickers to please every age, from toddlers to teenagers. They’re also easy to remove, meaning that you won’t have to worry about them leaving a sticky mess on your walls. 

6. Be Creative With the Space

Childhood should be a time full of imagination and possibilities, and you have the power to encourage that with the right kids room décor. Don’t think that this has to be an expensive endeavor, either. Something as simple and inexpensive as fairy lights or ceilings stars can make a big difference.

Give them the tools they need to create their own adventure, and you’ll be amazed at what they come up with. 

7. Choose the Right Flooring 

If you’re going for a full remodel, spend a lot of time thinking about what sort of flooring you want their room to have. 

Carpets are warm and cozy and can cushion items (and kids!) if they fall. Laminate and wood will hold up better to wear and tear but may be a bit noisier. Make sure you choose something that you won’t mind having for at least the next several years. 

8. Don’t Underestimate the Value of a Comfy Bed

Consider the age of your kids when looking at different beds. If they’re very young, make sure that their room has the space for a few different types of beds. Cribs become toddler beds, which in turn become regular beds before you know it. 

If you want to fully tap into their interests, consider getting a personalized bedspread. can help you create everything from custom comforters to curtains.  

9. Make a Workspace

You’ll want to make sure that their room offers an area where they can get serious if they have to. Whether they’ll use it to finish homework or read a book every afternoon, create a table or desk area where they can sit and focus.

Adorn the table with a fun lamp, family pictures, and memorabilia.

10. Remember That Kids Like to Play

While creating an area to work is essential, the same goes for an area to play. Remember that your kids are children and that their room should therefore match that.

Look for fun pieces that you can add, like a bedframe shape like a house, or an indoor swing. You want your kids to feel excited each time they go to their room. 

Take Advantage of These Kids Room Interior Design Concepts 

Regardless of the age of its inhabitants, each room of your house should be both practical and aesthetically pleasing. By employing some of the kids room interior design ideas mentioned in this guide, you’ll be able to transform any room into an oasis that everyone enjoys. 

Do you now have a better understanding of how to go about decorating the kids room of your house? Before you go and start buying furniture, make sure to check out some of our other blog posts for more guides and tips. 

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