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Jeep on the Cheap: Customize Your New Jeep With These Affordable Jeep Mods

For the last 5 years, Jeep sales numbers have broken records, breaking 1 million sold worldwide last year. What do almost all of these owners have in common?

They look for Jeep mods to upgrade and improve upon their experience. Some of these modifications can get quite expensive, like a heavy duty winch for the front bumper.

However, not all mods will break the bank. Keep reading for some of the best affordable ways to modify your Jeep.

Decals, Emblems, and Badges

One of the easiest ways to make your jeep stand out and fit your style is to outfit it with some decals. Online decals sites like this store offer a wide range of different designs.

You could go with some classic Jeep logos and branding. Or maybe you’d like to represent one of your other passions? You could always go full custom and create your own original idea!

Rubber Floor Mats

Chances are you aren’t just using your Jeep to commute to work. If this is the case, then a set of rubber floor mats are a must.

Sure, there may be a drainage plug allowing you to hose out the interior and then drain out the remaining water. However, most owners find that mud and grime are still caked on the floor.

This makes your Jeep look grimy and lowers the future value.

Instead, why not preserve the beauty of your jeep by putting some mats down? They’re durable so they provide protection. They can also withstand a lot of water and dirt.

Hood Latch

Your Jeep is awesome, but it isn’t without its small annoyances. One of which is the hood bang. That metal on metal sound as the hood bounces off the body.

You don’t have to worry, the hood isn’t going to fly off. But a latch will stop that annoying sound. This makes for a much quieter ride.

It will also provide you with peace of mind and security if you’ve made other modifications to your engine. Any potential thieves will be locked out.

LED Lights

There’s really no limit to the amount and placement of the lighting you can add to your Jeep. We suggest starting small with replacing the headlights and taillights.

This is a relatively affordable and easy modification that anyone can do. Just buy some OEM compatible headlights and housings that use LEDs.

Then move on to adding lights. If you like to go off-road than consider adding a spotlight or light bar. These will light up the trail ahead of you.

LED is a great way to go as they are durable, long lasting, and low amperage draw. All you need to do is wire them into the existing lighting system.

Upgrade the Tires

I know what you’re going to say, this isn’t a cheap upgrade. But hear us out. Better tires mean better performance out of your Jeep.

With this improved performance comes lower running costs. You’ll save money in the long run.

You can also sell your old tires to offset the cost of the new ones.

Soft Top

Jeeps are known for being open air and getting you out in the elements and nature. You can’t do that if you have a hard top on your jeep.

Sure, the hard top is good for safety and performance, but it doesn’t do anything for your image. Plus the soft top is way easier to take off and put on.

This means you have the most amount of versatility when it comes to how you want to ride from day to day. If a storm happens to pop up, you can simply put it on the Jeep and have protection.

Seat Covers

Just like the floor mats, seat covers are going to protect your Jeep and keep it looking like new longer. If you plan on going off-road, cleanup will be easier.

You can simply take the covers off and throw them in the wash. Then once they’re dry put them back on. This is way easier than climbing around your Jeep making sure you get the seats totally clean.

If you don’t plan on going off-roading, you could get leather seat covers and add a bit of luxury to your Jeep. This is perfect if you plan on using it more as a commuter car.

Grab Handles

Have you noticed that your Jeep is missing those handles that usually come in cars and trucks? It’s that handle you instinctively hold onto when the driver takes a turn too fast or the ride gets bumpy.

The standard type of handle doesn’t really work with the way the Jeep’s roll cage is designed. That’s ok though.

You can install a better option. Install grab handles in the A-Pillars. These handles are not perfectly placed for both as grab handles while driving, and getting in and out of the Jeep.

Which Jeep Mods Will You Choose?

You don’t have to spend a fortune to modify your Jeep. You just need to choose wisely so that you make major enhancements with minimal investment.

Jeep mods come in two main categories, looks, and performance. Modifications like decals, emblems, and floor mats improve upon the looks of your Jeep.

While modifications like tires and LED lights improve on the performance. You may decide that you want to focus on one area first, and then the other.

Or you could pick one modification from each category and improve both gradually at the same time.

Want to get 25 miles per gallon out of your jeep? Then you need to follow these tips.

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