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5 Reasons to Hire a Pro When Painting a House

When it comes to painting, it’s one place homeowners often think they can pull a DIY job. How hard can it be to throw on some paint, right? If you have ever tried, it’s not as easy or simple as rolling on the paint.

Sure that might be the fun part. It might even be the highly satisfying part, using that roller to cover a wall in paint.

The truth is, and you know this if you ever tried it yourself, it’s not that simple. Or easy.

Homeowners choose to hire professionals because they know what they are doing. Not to mention, they can do it more quickly and with more quality than you as a weekend warrior.

Painting a house’s exterior can offer up even more challenges than a simple interior room. Take a look at these five reasons to hire a professional painter. It’s going to make it clear, you need them for your next painting job.

1. Professional Painters Have Skills

Professional painters understand that painting the exterior of a house involves much more than actually applying the paint.

There are multiple steps for how to paint a house. A professional painter knows how to properly prep the house for painting. That might mean:

  • Powerwashing or cleaning the surfaces.
  • Using TSP to remove any mold or mildew on the surface.
  • Preparing ladders, dropcloths.
  • Applying new caulk to seal the house.

The pros have an eye for the details that a homeowner painting might not have. They know how to reach difficult spots to reach. They also know the best materials to use for the job.

Another factor to consider is if the house was built before 1978, there may be lead paint already on the house. Lead paint removal requires specialized skills.

2. Believe It or Not, Cost

Many a homeowner has taken on a painting project because they imagine it’s cheaper to do the home painting themselves. After trying, it’s safe to bet, they might feel differently after trying.

There are many things to consider when you think about the cost to paint a house. Sure you might be able to save on the actual cost of the labor. But it will take you much longer than a professional will take.

A professional painter will already have materials you might not have and will need to either rent or buy. If you have to rent ladders or lifts to reach, purchase tarps or rent a power washer, those are added costs you might not have factored into those imagined savings.

Professional painters also have access to discounted rates for materials because they are pros. As a homeowner, you will not get the same discounts for materials.

3. Professional Painter Equals Professional Results

Let’s be honest, painting a house, especially the exterior of a house is not for the faint of heart. It is a big job. In the annals of homeowner woes, it’s a certainty that more than one homeowner started an exterior painting job only to realize it was much more difficult, time-consuming and complicated than they imagined.

When you hire a professional painter, you get professional results. The pros know there are many steps to painting the exterior of a house and they know how to tackle the job.

A professional painter will know how to prepare your house for paint. This includes cleaning the house, caulking, setting up equipment for the job.

The pro knows to prime and paint. They will know which finish of paint will best meet your needs and be the most cost-effective investment. They also know how to use the equipment, whether that is extension ladders for the long reach or paint sprayers for application.

4. Consider Safety

When you first think about a painting job, you might think about what color or how much paint will I need? You might not think about whether it’s a safe thing for you to tackle. But you should, especially with an exterior painting project.

Anytime as an amateur, you climb up the ladder, you are at risk. An exterior painting project requires ladders that may need to go up multiple stories. Not only do you need to go up the ladder, but then take equipment and paint too.

The pros also know how to handle the equipment like big ladders. If your exterior has any grade, leveling the ladders for safety is a must.

Professional painters not only know how to do all this, but they are also insured in case of an accident or injury.

5. Takes Longer Than You Think

As mentioned before, painting the exterior of your house involves much more than applying the paint. Preparing the house and materials takes a big chunk of time beyond just application. 30 to 50% of an exterior painting project‘s time comes from the prep work.

A professional painter, because they know what they’re doing, can get the job done more quickly than you as DIYer. Not only do they have the right equipment to most efficiently do the job, they know how to use it.

A professional may be able to paint your home in a few days time. Whereas you doing it after work or on the weekends when you can fit in a few hours, will ultimately drag out the job. Each time you start and stop, you add more time to the project.

A professional has the skills and the tools and the ability to tackle the project for whole days at a time.

Painting a House, Hire the Pro

If you are considering painting a house yourself, do this instead. Save yourself tons of work and time and some frustration too. Hire a professional painter to do the job.

The quality finished product and the time you save makes the investment well worth it. Contact us today for information on our exterior painting services.

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