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Jamming up the Office: Signs Your Copy Machine Needs Repairs

Jammed paper? Streaky copies? Crazy toner consumption?

That’s no way to live! If your copier isn’t functioning at 100%, then you’re definitely in need of copy machine repair. 

An underperforming copier can cause stress in the workplace, slow down productivity, and waste materials.

A broken copier is very frustrating to use! We’re here to help you avoid any printer-bashing urges you may have. So read on to learn the signs that say you need copier repair.

When You See the “Call For Service” Indicator

If the screen on your printer and copy machine is flashing orange and says “Call For Service,” you should do just that. Your call for service light acts a lot like the check engine light on your car. 

When you call your technician, have your printer model number and ID code handy, so they know exactly what printer model you own. If your LCD screen displays an error code, have that handy.

The tech should be able to do a lot of troubleshooting over the phone, so be prepared to answer questions and help them run through some diagnostic tests. If you’re lucky, they can talk you through an easy fix. But if the problem is more involved, they will have a good idea of what parts to bring with them on their service call. 

It Uses More Toner Than Usual

If your office copier machine seems to be consuming more toner than usual this could be a bad sign. Replacing the toner cartridges more often than normal is a sure sign that your copier is using more toner than it ought to be. 

If this is the case, your copier machine is collecting the toner somewhere which will lead to a very messy and expensive repair down the road. Have this problem serviced immediately as it will only get worse over time.

Functions Stop Working

If you can no longer use certain features available to you through your LCD control panel, this could be a sign of a software or firmware issue. This could be caused by an error in the programming, a recent update, or out of date software. 

Your service technicians can log into the built-in computer on your office copy machine and perform any necessary updates to rectify the problem.

Printing Errors

This is probably the most obvious sign that your office copiers need service. If your copies are coming out blank, covered in black streaks or lines, or with certain areas of the page voided out, it’s definitely time to get your copier repaired. 

Issues like this can be a sign of a clogged print head, clogged toner lines, software, or a mechanical breakdown. Don’t wait and hope the problem fixes itself. Spoiler alert: it won’t!

How to Tell When It’s Time for Copy Machine Repair Explained

If you are experiencing any of the problems listed above then you know it’s time to have your copier machine serviced. Pretty much any behavior outside of the ordinary is a sign that you need copy machine repair. 

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