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Is Employee Personality Testing Really Beneficial? 5 Top Benefits

Are you wondering why employers seem to ask for your personality right off the bat?

Don’t worry; it’s not a scam. Employee personality testing is a new norm today because of the benefits it provides to both the employer and the employee. 

While it may seem strange, employers asking for your personality test might mean that your chances of being hired are stronger–employers seeking strong interpersonal skills, like communications and writing, might ask for personality testing more than other employers.

Wondering how your personality plays into your future career? Continue reading to find 5 benefits of employee personality testing.

1. To Determine the Best Fit

When testing employee personality traits, employers are looking for specific qualities that will add to and grow their team. 

By asking you for your personality test, your potential employer is hoping that you possess the right traits that will make you stand out among the rest. 

Determining who you are and why you’re a great fit for the company is exceptionally important for employers in the hiring process. Assessing your personality is the gateway into deciding if you’re right for the job.

2. To Gain Insight Into Your Light and Dark Traits

By using pre-employment personality tests, employers are able to determine which traits shine above others. 

Some traits include negative connotations–these are called “dark traits.” By analyzing your personality, employers are able to see which dark traits you might possess.

Some of these might include traits such as being competitive, inconsiderate, conceited, violent, and careless. If these showed up on your personality assessment, of course, your employer would have cause for concern.

On the other hand, if you show traits that are the opposite of these, you’ll be in good standing in your employer’s eyes.

3. To Quicken the Employment Process

By asking for your adaptive employee personality test before starting an interview, an employer is able to quicken their interview and employment process.

Seeing how your personality does or does not fit with their company helps an interviewer determine if they’d like to move forward with you or not. If you possess traits that they’re looking for, they’ll be more likely to ask you back for an interview. 

If not, you and your employer will be thankful that the process was short so that both of you can move on to the next best thing.

4. To Lower the Turnover Rate

Some companies have high turnover rates–mostly due to employees who no longer fit the bill.

This might be due to complications having to do with employee performance or work environments. Either way, it’s unpleasant for everyone to go through employee turnovers.

Having employees take employee attitude, and personality tests might determine more steadily how they will perform for a company later on. Most personality tests can predict work ethic, conflict resolution, and attitudes in employees.

5. To Enhance Work Environments

Interestingly, 13% of employers looking for strong interpersonal skills, such as communication and writing, will use personality tests more often. You might find that a publisher or writing gig will be asking for your personality assessment. 

Having a great work environment is important to everyone involved. This helps get work done and build quality relationships at the same time. 

Hiring employees who meet a company’s desired traits will help satisfy and enhance its work environment. By taking an employee personality profile test, you’ll help your future and the future of your company.

Employee Personality Testing: Meant To Improve You and Your Work

Your employer simply wants the best for you and their company. By agreeing to a personality test, you’ll help them decide if you’re the perfect fit.

The benefits of employee personality testing are great. While it may seem to be a strange way to get to know interviewees, it certainly works out for the future.

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