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Introducing Ingredient Intelligence

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Ingredient Intelligence makes it easy for you to connect ingredients to CAS numbers – and reduce the number of ingredients that require a CAS Number declaration – while ensuring that we collect sufficient data to classify products correctly. Ingredients Intelligence also helps in modeling concentration ranges to reduce manual data entry. We make it easy to get accurate data into the Product Intelligence Platform™ and have also built in extra flexibility to help you with edge cases that might arise.

Our Objective: Make it easy to enter better quality data

The Product Intelligence Platform™ registration flow has been enhanced to help you enter better quality data. This feature builds on the data uploaded – Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and ingredients lists –  to model concentration ranges for the product’s ingredients. This provides the comprehensive information needed to then accurately determine the product’s classifications.


Ingredient Intelligence will better ensure you receive the most accurate classifications for products.

  • You will have flexibility to select specific chemicals/CAS numbers associated with their product’s ingredients.
  • You will need to declare CAS Numbers far less frequently (only when there’s a GHS implication).



  • Ingredient Intelligence will build on the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and ingredients lists uploaded to the Product Intelligence Platform™.
  • Products’ CAS numbers will be auto-populated from our chemical database:
    • When an ingredient maps to multiple CAS numbers in the database, you can then select a CAS number from a list.
    • You are not required to select a CAS number if one is not required in order to classify the product.
    • Built in flexibility: If we are unable to find a CAS number match in our database, you can choose to provide one, leave the field blank or indicate the ingredient has no CAS number.
  • Concentration Ranges are now modeled for ingredients based on the order of the list of ingredients.  This is possible only when 1) ingredients lists are ordered by descending concentration, 2) an SDS is present.


Adding Ingredient Intelligence to the registration flow

After the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and Ingredients are added, we cross-reference our chemical database and determine each ingredient’s CAS number – or, if there are multiple potential CAS numbers, we provide all available options. These matches are determined based on lookups to the following dictionary values: HCPA Name, INCI Name, IUPAC Name, CAS Name, Technical Names. 

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Confirming ingredients details:  
When an ingredient corresponds to multiple CAS numbers, the different, potential CAS numbers will be populated in an easy-to-use drop-down list.

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Built in flexibility: 
If a CAS number is not needed for classification, the field will default to Optional.

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What if no CAS number is found? 
No CAS found will be shown for situations where we cannot find a CAS number which matches the ingredient. Users will also have options to select “Add a CAS #” and manually enter a CAS number or “Ingredient has no CAS #”.

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Adding or confirming required concentrations: 
Ingredient concentrations will either be pre-populated by Safety Data Sheet (SDS) or our calculations, or they will be left blank for values to be entered manually.  Users will need to fill in ranges for ingredients regulated by GHS or RCRA. We’ve highlighted the selected ingredients that are required ranges in a yellow box.

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Ingredient’s concentration range pulled from Safety Data Sheet (SDS):

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Ingredients concentration ranges populated by our calculation:

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Certify and check for regulations on the product’s CAS numbers:

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  We then direct you back to complete the product registration:

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