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How Wellness Coaching Can Help You With Your Recovery

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Do you struggle with an eating disorder? An estimated 30 million Americans know the struggle. Eating disorders are complex and often go hand-in-hand with anxiety, mood, and other disorders.

Are you looking for true wellness and a path toward the healthiest version of yourself? Wellness coaching can help you get to the root of your issues and overcome obstacles in the way of your good health.


Now are you wondering what wellness coaching is? Keep reading for more information.


Lifetime Wellness

What is wellness? There are four critical factors for living a healthy lifestyle. They are:

  • Choosing a smoke- and drug-free lifestyle

  • Exercising 3.5 hours or more per week (including gentle exercise)

  • Incorporating a variety of plant-based foods into your diet

  • Maintaining a healthy weight

Four factors may not seem like much but there are some big obstacles when it comes to making choices that lead to wellness. One recent obstacle for many is the Covid pandemic. Isolated and alone, many people turn to food, smoking, or other substances for anxiety relief and comfort.


Recovery from any type of disorder and learning to make healthy choices is well worth it. One study revealed that making the right choices with diet and exercise reduces the risk of chronic disease by 78%!


The Role of Wellness Coaching in Recovery

Any type of disorder takes a toll on your health and wellness. There are also many other aspects of modern life that cause setbacks. Personally, I’ve dealt with eating disorders, a divorce, and other health issues that make wellness hard.


A wellness coach may be the key for you to find what works best for you in making healthier choices. From accountability to evaluating life choices, I can help you make lasting healthy lifestyle changes.

Recovery looks different for everyone because what works for me may not work as well for you. As a wellness or recovery coach, I’ll help you tease out the root of your issues so you can better understand the motivation behind unhealthy choices.


The Goal of Wellness Coaching

I’ll give you personalized care tailored to your needs to help you make long-term lifestyle changes. Whether it’s an eating disorder, anxiety disorder, or other health issues, without a solid plan for change, it’s hard finding the healthiest you.


One of the biggest things I can offer you as a wellness and recovery coach is understanding and love. The common pitfalls of many rehab programs are the ideologies that often pit you against yourself. If you’re always fighting yourself, you’re never going to achieve wellness.


Learning to love yourself enough to make better lifestyle choices is one of the most important things for recovery. If you have an eating disorder or substance abuse disorder, chances are you struggle with issues of self-identity, and learning to love yourself is crucial.


Finding Health and Healing Through Wellness Coaching

Wellness coaching is a good first step on the journey toward total wellness. I can help you find the understanding, love, and acceptance you need to make changes toward a healthier, happier you.

Are you ready to find the healthiest version of yourself? Do you have questions or want to find out more? Take your first step and book a free 15-minute call today.

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