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Odors are just as much a part of our appearance as the presentation of our clothing and hair. How you smell can determine success or failure in many areas of life.  When you smell bad due to smoking, it can be unpleasant for others and make them not want to be around you. Your home or car that has absorbed these smells over a long period also becomes a no-go zone for most.  That’s why having an effective smoke odor remover is necessary.

Smoking can have a lasting effect on a person’s physical odor and their surroundings. For those who have quit the habit tar and nicotine residues still manage to cling on to fabrics and surfaces. Not only does it make for unpleasant smells for non-smokers, but it can also be harmful to health with third-hand smoke risks.  Whenever a cigarette or other tobacco product burns, the white smoke disguises all its byproducts. As the smoke dissipates, its particles land on the exposed surfaces around. Tar and nicotine are part of these remnants and can be dangerous to health.
The telltale stale odor of this smoke that lingers is what makes up third-hand smoke. When the smoke residue mixes with common indoor pollutants, it creates a toxic mix that can be carcinogenic. Many non-smokers come into contact with this through touch or inhalation, putting their health at risk. So the decision to quit smoking is not enough. You also have to find a way to remove smoke odor from clothing and all other surfaces and fabrics in your home.

To effectively resolve this problem, it is vital to treat the chemicals that emanate from smoking and make them inert and thereby harmless. With the right smoke odor remover, both the smells and the dangerous underlying chemical residues will have effectively been dealt with. Many cleaning products promise heaven when it comes to odor elimination, but rarely deliver on this.
Here we will look at some of the top odor elimination sprays with the highest reviews on Amazon and what they deliver.

Febreze Air Freshener Heavy Duty Crisp Clean

Febreze dominates the market as the biggest seller of air freshener products in the country. Its aerosol chemicals are said to work by trapping odor molecules in a doughnut-shaped pattern. So once the odor molecules are caught, you no longer detect their bad smell but rather the pleasant chemical smell of Febreze.

This can be problematic as trapping the molecules does not get rid of them, merely disguises them. Not to mention some of the chemicals in Febreze aerosols are toxic. The most commonly listed are alcohol denatured and the ambiguous ‘fragrances’. This is alongside a whole host of chemical compounds that are toxic, affecting everything from nerves to reproduction.

Heavy Duty Crisp has earned high ratings for its effectiveness in riding rooms and cars of tough odors. It has undertones of lemon and cucumber. It is great for achieving a clean smell but does not make for a permanent solution. It does work well in covering up smells but does not treat the underlying problem. In the case of smokers, this would be the smoke residue chemicals of tar and nicotine. Without rendering them inert, this product only temporarily removes the bad smell without removing the risk of exposure to third-hand smoke.

Citrus Magic Natural Odor Eliminating Air Freshener Fresh Orange

Citrusy scents like orange and lemon are great for making the air feel light and refreshing. Citrus Magic is another popular brand whose reputation is tied to providing a natural product. For those averse to the more chemical-based aerosols like Febreze, this is probably a top pick as they heavily rely on pure citrus oils.

Though the packaging of the product does provide more value for money by packing in more of the active ingredient into the container, it is still just another disguising option. Whether you prefer their flagship orange scent product line or want to try alternatives like lavender or orange-vanilla swirl, it is a natural perfume with no capability of neutralizing dangerous molecules.
If you are sensitive to strong odors, this product can be a good option as a temporary fix. However, as they smell only masks the smoke residue, you are still being exposed to the risks of third-hand smoke. It is also worth noting that there are several accounts of the product having become acrider in recent purchases. This may, however, have more to do with storage concerns rather than a change in formulation.

Hollister M9 Odor Eliminator Spray

This spray requires more effort to disperse as it uses a pump-action mechanism. However, it does seem to require small applications to achieve results. It is a good option for those that are sensitive to smells as it comes in an unscented or light apple fragrance.

Hollister is a popular brand in the medical field. However, many buyers of the retail product report that it is less effective than what you would get when working in a hospital setting. It has been particularly beneficial to ostomy patients, allowing them to use the product to neutralize bad odors when going to the bathroom.
It is offered in convenient travel-sizes that a person can carry into the bathroom without being noticed. So while it may work well for such biological functions, there is no indication that this odor remover would be effective with eliminating the harshness of cigarette smoke that has permeated into fabrics.

Zep Smoke Odor Eliminator Aerosol

This product is a top contender as it is specifically designed to tackle cigarettes, marijuana, and other tobacco products smoke. It is touted as offering long-lasting odor control. However, it is described as being able to remove the smell of cigarette smoke from the air. It does not treat the underlying cause of the smell, it just eliminates the airborne odors.

Used cars can be a death trap for multiple reasons. If a previous owner was a smoker, it can be dangerous if they formed the habit of smoking in the car. Many cars have fabric seats with cushions beneath. This is a great place for the smoke residue to take hold and build up. When making such a purchase, it is vital to invest in a quality car cigarette smell remover.

Zep has a solid reputation for providing consumers with deodorizers that combat tobacco smoke. The spray is quick-acting and leaves behind a fresh scent. It does have a long-lasting effect with many buyers confirming the need to respray rooms after several days to weeks. So though it does get rid of the smell, it is by no means a permanent solution.

Vamoose! Smoke Odor Remover

The Vamoose! smoke odor remover is part of a brand that is focused on more than just odor elimination. Unlike the others that aim to rid the air of lingering smells, this product acts on the underlying cause of smoke residue (which causes smoke odors). It acts on the tar and nicotine molecules that have penetrated fabrics and dissolves them, rendering them inactive. No more smell, now or in the future.

Smoke residue is tough to get rid of when there are soft fabrics around. From carpet to clothing, the tar and nicotine particles cling on well and require a tough cigarette odor remover that will not disguise their smell, but rather destroy them permanently. Though it needs to be tough, the treatment should not damage the fabrics. Vamoose! caters to this need, ensuring you can safely use chosen products on a variety of soft and hard surfaces without worrying about damage.  Vamoose! is the only solution that seeks the source of the bad smells and helps return your home, car, furniture, carpet and fabrics to a healthy environment for occupants. Vamoose! is available in Fragrance-Free, Fresh Scent, New Car Scent and Leather Scent.

Overall, Vamoose! does have an edge on its competition. When looking to tackle cigarette and other tobacco smoke concerns, you should be most concerned with dealing with the source as this is what can endanger human health. This is not a solution to an immediate odor situation rather a longer-term approach. Vamoose! is a permanent solution to odor elimination as once you neutralize the source, you do not have to worry about recurrences. With tougher odors and stains, several applications may be needed to fully seek and destroy these residues.

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