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How to Wash Black Clothes

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Whether you’re a model or a ninja, black clothing can be chic, slimming, and timeless. But once the color fades, so does the appeal. Black is a popular color choice with 38.5% of dresses online being some shade of black.

So what happens when your dark clothes begin to fade? Several hacks (and washing machine settings) can prevent your black garments from fading. Learning how to wash black clothes could be a total gamechanger if you are throwing away clothing that has faded.

Are you ready to learn how to wash black clothes to prevent fading? Here is what you need to know to keep your black clothes looking fresh and striking.

Sort Your Clothing

Many of us avoid the time-consuming task of sorting clothes when washing them. This is the first step you should take to care for your black clothes. First, read the care label to see if each item should be washed or dry cleaned.

Separate your light-colored clothing from your dark colors before you put them in the washing machine. This will prevent any dyes from running into the lighter clothing. Lint from cotton and linen clothing can also transfer to dark items making them look faded and textured.

Use the Correct Detergent

You do not need to buy a special soap for black clothes. Check to see if your detergent is suitable for washing black clothes. You can use the smallest amount of your regular detergent if you do not have any dark color detergent.

Liquid detergent is better than a powder option. The particles in powdered detergent can remain undissolved at the end of a wash cycle and leave behind a residue. A liquid will ensure that your dark clothes do not look faded after you wash them.

If using a mild or reduced detergent does not clean your clothes properly, then you can find a special dark-color detergent.

Wash Black Clothes in Cool Water

Once you have separated your clothes and found a detergent, you can place your clothing inside the washer. Search your washing machine settings for a cool, gentle wash or a permanent press cycle. The dark clothes wash temperature should be 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit (US machines) or 30 degrees Celsius (UK machines).

These settings are shorter and will therefore not damage the fibers as much. Choose a slow spin setting that won’t agitate the clothes as much. This will prevent your clothes from looking faded and worn.

Home dry cleaning kits are available if this is what your clothing needs. Cleaning your clothes at home instead of taking it to the dry cleaners can save you lots of time and money. These kits are also useful for removing stubborn stains and odors from clothes.

Black vs. White Clothes Washing Differences

Dark and white clothing should be washed on a gentle, cool washing cycle. They should be washed separately to avoid the colors running. Both black and white clothing can be washed with regular detergent with added laundry boosters to remove stains.

Unlike black clothing, white clothing can be hung out in the sun. The ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun can help to remove stains and brighten white clothing. The best place to dry your white clothing is outdoors on a clothesline.

Preventing and Removing Deodorant Stains

Try to avoid using too much deodorant on your underarms if you want to avoid staining your clothes. Let the product dry on your body before you start to dress. You can buy deodorant products that are specially formulated to prevent white marks and staining.

You can use baking soda and vinegar to remove white stains left behind by deodorant. Make a paste by adding three parts of baking soda to one part of water. Add the paste to the stained area and scrub with a toothbrush to loosen the stain.

Pour a cup of regular table vinegar into the drum of your machine along with the stained garment to help boost the cleaning power of the washing machine cycle.

General Care and Maintenance Tips

Before you hit the ‘start’ button on your washing machine, there are a few more things you should know. Turn your black clothes inside out before you wash them to prevent the dyes from running and stop the fabric from getting damaged. Check you are not overloading your washing machine by searching for the weight capacity (usually stated on the front of the machine).

If you have a stubborn stain on your clothes, you can use natural ingredients such as vinegar to enhance the cleaning power of your wash cycle. Add a cup of regular vinegar to your wash load to prevent color fading and boost cleaning power.

Do not wash your clothes if they aren’t dirty. Your clothes will last longer if you wash them less often. The fibers of your clothes are damaged each time they are thrown into the laundry hamper, washed, and folded. Be as delicate as you can with your clothing to maximize how long it lasts.

Dark-colored clothing does not react well to heat, so you should avoid hanging your clothes out in the sunshine or putting them in the tumble dryer. The sun can also bleach colors and make them look faded.

Lay your black clothes on a drying rack indoors for the best results. Store your clothing on hangers to prevent wrinkling.

Choose Premium Black Clothing

Now that you know how to wash black clothes, you can hold onto your most treasured pieces for longer. The secret to having bold, black clothing is to start with good quality materials and fabrics in the first place. Make sure you read the care label on each garment to avoid clothes washing mistakes.

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