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How to Save Time and Money With Design-Build Construction

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There’s nothing more vital to commercial properties than time and money. However, new construction projects need you to hand over a lot of both. And if you’re one of the many business owners trying to figure out how to cushion the blow, you’ll be glad to know there’s a way to do it that also makes the process more manageable.

Design-build construction can save you significant time and money compared to traditional methods. Let’s look at the design-build method and see why it’s becoming the go-to method for large-scale projects.

Saving Time

There are not many distinctions between time and money in business. But the existing few stand out — and sometimes not in a good way. Working with designers and contractors separately can consume a lot of time bouncing back between the two, trying to get answers, or getting everyone on the same page.

None of that is an issue with a design-build team. The two work as one entity, eliminating anything that could otherwise get lost in translation. The flexibility of design-build contracts also means the construction can begin before the design is finalized, but in a way that doesn’t threaten the possibility of there being a miscommunication that can cause extensive delays.

Direct collaboration with the design and construction teams can also save you time. You’ll have an easier time getting your needs across clearly, meaning there’s a mutual understanding of your expectations and desire to fulfill them. Together, the team can implement and solve any changes much faster than if you were to have separate contracts.

But even though collaboration is always welcome, it’s often not necessary during the later stages of the project. This flexibility and freedom allow owners to divert their attention toward other things rather than oversee a project. Provided you’re in capable hands, this is always a favorable outcome for a business owner.

Saving Money

When powerhouse professionals put their minds together to work on your construction project, you’re bound to see some savings. Because you, as the owner, agree on materials and expenses beforehand, it’s so much easier to precisely know what you’ll spend on the final product.

Also, contractors have extensive knowledge about how much materials cost. They can offer that information to the designers, who can then use it to inform their design philosophy. The result is the design you want within your budget and potentially the design-build savings you’re after.

One of the less apparent ways design-build construction can save you money is through less risk. There’s a lot of potential for passing blame or litigation when you work with multiple contracts. But when you work with a design-contract team, they’re liable for any adjustments or errors and are required to fix them.

Save Even More With Design-Build Construction From Hammers Construction

Design-build construction saves you time and money. So if you’re planning an upcoming commercial project in the Denver area, there’s no option more streamlined than going design-build.

Hammers Construction works on design-build projects for commercial properties, and we’d like to help you save time and money on your next undertaking. Contact us today to learn more about our design-build construction model.

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