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How to Protect Furniture During a Move

It’s difficult to be precise when estimating how much to budget for a move. Besides the travel costs and added expenses for an extended stay in a hotel, there’s the cost of packing necessary items, cleaning the new place before you move in, and don’t forget the added stress for pets and children.

A great way to avoid surprises with your move budget is to think about how to protect furniture when you’re packing up. Keep these tips in mind when moving to keep your most valuable possessions safe and undamaged.

Get Professional Help

Professional movers are experienced in moving all types of furniture and can help ensure the furniture pieces are packed securely and transported safely. Experienced movers will know the best techniques for protecting individual pieces and can handle furniture more safely than the inexperienced moving it themselves.

Professional movers will also have all of the necessary materials on hand to ensure furniture does not become damaged and that it is wrapped, cushioned, and placed correctly in the moving truck for a safe and successful move. If you are looking to hire movers, you can check the website of this moving company for more information. 

Wrap Your Furniture

Before wrapping the furniture, make sure all drawers and compartments are empty, and that all handles and knobs are secure. If you have a large piece that may not fit through your doorways, disassembly may be necessary. Once you have the piece safely broken down into its individual parts, wrap each part separately.

You can use moving blankets, sheets, or even pieces of cardboard as protection. If you want to add an extra layer of security, apply packing tape to the ends of the wrap for added security. When transporting your furniture, be sure to keep heavy items on the bottom and lighter items on top.

Use Appliance Dollies

Appliance dollies are built with a robust steel frame and a wide platform, which makes them ideal for carrying bulky furniture. The platform is also outfitted with multi-surface casters that make it much easier to maneuver and transport furniture pieces, even up or down stairs.

The t-lights on the appliance dolly provide extra stability while in use. When loading the furniture onto a dolly appliance, make sure to pad the furniture in order to minimize scuffing or scratching. Doing so will guarantee little to no damage to your furniture during the move.

Be Sure to Label Your Furniture

The best way to ensure your furniture is properly labeled is to write down the pieces, such as the TV stand, sofa, etc., and label each one with its name. This way, your movers can easily identify the pieces and will know how to pack them best.

You should securely tape the labels to the furniture so they don’t blow away in the wind and can’t be tampered with. To further prevent any damage to the furniture, you can create makeshift pockets by wrapping the pieces in sheets, foam, or bubble wrap.

Protect Furniture for a Smooth Move

Follow these steps to protect furniture during a move and enjoy a smoother and more organized transition. Always take the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of your valuables during a move; you won’t regret it! Achieve a stress-free move with these packing tips.

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