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How To Plan For All Inclusive Holidays to Greece: A Guide

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Are you dreaming of flying away to somewhere with a beautiful climate and scenic views? Are you wondering how to plan for all-inclusive holidays to Greece?

Thinking about an upcoming holiday can be an exciting way to reduce stress and get excited about the future. Yet the pressure of travel plans can have you dreading, rather than anticipating, your getaway.

With an all-inclusive holiday, however, you can relax, knowing that the details of your journey are being taken care of.

Here’s how you can visit Greece with everything at your fingertips.

Time Of Year

The best time of year to visit Greece is from May-September. The weather is gorgeous, with a bright sapphire sky and temperatures quite warm. Visiting during the summer also means that you’ll get to enjoy the golden beaches and beautiful sea.

Greece is bustling this time of year, but it’s also quite busy. It’s important to book your holiday early to make sure you get a good deal on the hotel and flight of your choice. If you’re looking to enjoy the warm weather without the crowds, aim for months like June and September.

Of course, you’ll need to make sure your passport is valid for the month you plan on traveling.

Getting There

For individuals from the UK, the best way to get to Greece is to fly. Planes leave several times a day and will take you to island-bound airports such as Athens International Airport or Corfu Airport. Flights from London to the islands are just over three hours.

It’s also possible to access Greece by ferry from Italy. They leave Venice, Bari, and Trieste regularly.

You can also get a ferry from certain destinations of the Aegean Coast of Turkey. These include Kastellorizo and Rhodes. If you are planning on visiting Turkey or Italy anyway, you can make it a stopover and get a ferry to Greece to complete your holiday.

How Long To Stay

Visitors from the UK have an advantage over those from the US or other destinations in that they can arrive at the Greek islands in a fairly short amount of time. This means that a long weekend can allow you to see plenty on your favorite island, and you can return at a later date to soak in a different isle.

If, however, you have a family or want to make the most of your time off from work, you can stay in Greece for a week or more and take in all the sites. There are also ways to get from island to island even if you’re only staying in a single resort.

Where To Stay

Of course, there are many elegant and comfortable resorts in Greece. They include clean rooms with sun terraces and large outdoor swimming pools.

Today’s resort units include plenty of amenities to keep guests happy. These include mini-fridges, air-conditioning, and satellite TV. You may also be looking for a laundry facility or safe deposit box, depending on the length of your stay.

If you have a family, you’ll want to see if there is a separate mini-club for children where they can play on slides and make friends while you sit poolside.

Getting Around

Your resort may be beautiful, but chances are you won’t want to stay there all day. Greece has a wide network of ferries that can take you from island to island so you can really make the most of your holiday.

It usually takes about 2 to 4 hours to get from island to island by ferry, but some trips or shorter. These can make great day trips if you’ve seen what you wanted to on the island you’re staying on.

Domestic flights in Greece can get you from the mainland to the island, or from island to island, in as little as 40 minutes. If you’re planning on staying on more than one island and want to make the most of your time, this may be the smartest way to travel.

If you plan on getting around on your home island, you may want to think about taking a taxi when necessary. Driving can be stressful on the island, especially in more populated areas.

It’s important to leave money for taxis in your budget if you plan on sightseeing. There are even tax apps available to help you avoid scams.

What To Do

Besides sitting by the ocean and soaking in the sun, there is plenty to do when you’re planning a Greek island holiday. Depending upon your island, you could visit a cliffside winery with a breathtaking view.

Small restaurants called tavernas are visible throughout Greece. They are great places to watch the sunset, order a Greek salad, and sip on a cold cocktail. If you’re looking for nightlife, you can check out one of Greece’s awesome beachside clubs after the sun goes down.

Of course, there are plenty of places where you can admire the architecture and go sightseeing in Greece. Much will depend upon the island you choose, as well as the adventure you’re looking for.

Hiking and local feasts, complete with music are also common. Talk to your hotel concierge about cultural happenings during the weeks you plan to visit.

Greek food is delicious and healthy, with lots of salad, Greek pies, and soulvaki. You can also enjoy plenty of seafood dishes, brandy, and ouzo.

If you’re the type of couple or family who prefers a quiet beachside holiday with shopping and cuisine-sampling, you’ll find that in the islands as well.

While Greek is the only official language of the country, you can communicate in English at most destinations with major cities. Yet you’ll also hear plenty of Greek, Italian, and Spanish.


You may be able to visit an all-inclusive holiday site that will give you a great deal on your hotel and flight combo. However, you’ll need to keep other expenses in mind as you plan for your stay.

You’ll need, for example, to think about public transport from the airport to your hotel. You’ll also want to consider your meal planning. If breakfast is included at your resort, you’ll want to think about the street food and/or restaurants that will comprise your other two meals.

Of course, holidays are often times when we indulge ourselves. If you plan on drinking cocktails or doing a bit of shopping, you’ll need to plan for that as well.

Visiting attractions such as museums, archeological sites, or wineries will also cost you some money. You may want to visit websites ahead of time to make sure you’ve got enough budgeted for admission.

Euros are used throughout Greece, and you can withdraw cash from ATMs everywhere. Credit cards are also widely accepted.

What To Pack

If you’re visiting Greece in the summer, it’s important to plan for some hot afternoons. If you’re prone to sunburn, a wide-brimmed hat and some sunscreen will go a long way. You’ll also need sunglasses to keep you from squinting throughout your holiday.

Shorts, t-shirts, and comfy shoes are a must if you plan on walking a lot. You’ll also want to bring a light jacket if you plan to go out at night.

It’s important to choose a waterproof jacket in case you get caught in a rainstorm. And a sturdy umbrella never hurt anyone, although you can get lots of great items like this from shopping locally.

The Benefits of Holidays To Greece

People love Greece because accommodations are beautiful and a great value for your money. There’s also a vibrant nightlife, delicious food and drinks, and gorgeous landscapes.

Greece remains a popular destination for young people who are looking for adventure. Yet more mature visitors flock to the area as well.

Getting out in the sun and the fresh air for a beach holiday is excellent for your state of mind and mental health. It can lift your mood, lower your stress, and improve your overall sense of well-being.

If you’re looking to soak up some Vitamin D and get off your tablet, you’ve got to plan a holiday to the Greek Islands. There’s no better time to enjoy amazing hospitality in an exotic-yet-inviting location.

Flying On

Holidays to Greece are about more than a little getaway. You’ll soak up some of the best food, landscapes, and cultural experiences in the world. And with so many good deals to choose from, there’s no better time to get going.

Don’t stop getting smart about your all-inclusive Greek holiday now. For great deals on elegant resorts and speedy flights, contact us today.

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