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How to Plan a Trip to Tanzania

If you are planning to visit Tanzania, the question of “How to plan a trip to Tanzania” must come into your mind. Keep reading this article to find out about how to plan your life-changing safari experience in Tanzania.

Before getting started, let’s have a little Talk about Tanzania!

Tanzania offers the quintessential safari experience to thousands of tourists. This is not the only reason that can make you wish to visit; amazing landscapes and the beautiful beaches also await.

The abundance of the amazing culture of more than 120 tribes provides a vibrant mix of social life. Being able to live together in spite of their tribes, Tanzanians have become the most friendly people to interact with. Walking along the streets is safe and people will be smiling and talk to you as long-time friends.

Do you like to experience high altitude adventures? Tanzania is at your service. There is an unlimited number of mountains to conquer, such as mount Kilimanjaro,  the highest free-standing mountain in the World.

How to plan a trip to Tanzania?

Now let’s get down to our question in particular.

If you are asking yourself about how to plan a trip to Tanzania, then you should try to familiarize yourself and get a good understanding of this beautiful African country. Tanzania is the best safari country in Africa, but this fact doesn’t mean Tanzania offers only safari activities.

Planning for the best safari experience while saving your wallet should be your significant intention. Going for an African safari can be very expensive., With proper planning and right decision making, you can save time and money and enjoy the safari of your dream to the fullest.

Here is what you should consider when planning your trip to Tanzania. Don’t worry, we will talk about each as you read on.

  • Tanzania Destinations
  • Your Interests
  • Where to stay
  • What to Pack
  • Getting Around
  • Visa/Passport Requirements

Tanzania Destinations

Tanzania receives a handful of tourists each year. This is because of its unnumbered tourist activities which can be found across the country. Your plan to visit Tanzania should consider the four Circuits of Tourism in the country. These are Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western Circuits.

Northern Circuit

Northern Circuit is the most popular tourist destination because of the famous national parks; Serengeti, Ngorongoro Conservation Area and Mount Kilimanjaro. Lake Manyara and Tarangire National Parks also add the list of the Northern Circuit.

Serengeti provides world-class safari experience, possibly than any park in the world. It is within Serengeti where you can witness the spectacular migration of Wildebeests and Zebras in millions, accompanied by the predators hunting them.

Ngorongoro Crater is the largest caldera in the world found in Ngorongoro Conservation Area. The crater is home to many birds and animal species found in the park. Maasai people also live within the Ngorongoro Conservation Area as well as the first mankind of this world was said to have lived here in a place called, Olduvai Gorge.

Many mountain climbers have a dream to climb Mount Kilimanjaro and thousands of tourists have already conquered the summit. The experience of climbing this majestic mountain is un-imaginable!

Mount Meru, Arusha and Mkomazi National Parks are also in the Northern Circuit.

For first-time safari-goers, the northern Tanzania destinations can provide you a decent experience especially if you have no enough time. The mostly used itinerary is from 3 to 9 days, but you can add many days as long as it serves your interests.

If you are struggling on how to plan a trip to Tanzania, the Northern Circuit should be on your first list. This is because it has many parks and other tour activities. Also, the national parks on this circuit are relatively closer to each other and accessible all year.

Southern Circuit

The Southern Circuit includes parks like Mikumi, Udzungwa Mountains, Ruaha, Kitulo National Parks and Selous Game Reserve. Selous has recently been upgraded to a national park with a new name, Nyerere National Park.

For a traveler who likes a long-distance drive while enjoying a remarkable landscape, the southern circuit is a perfect choice.

Southern Circuit is recommended to second-time visitors. Being a less-visited destination than the Northern Circuit, the Southern Circuit is a perfect place for those who would not like the crowd of the Northern Circuit.

Western Circuit

The Western Circuit is famous for Chimpanzee Tracking experience. Major parks of this circuit include Gombe Stream, Mahale, and Katavi National Parks.  Lake Tanganyika bordering the western circuit on its eastern part and the neighboring country, Congo DRC on the west.

This circuit is recommended for Chimpanzee Tracking in Gombe National Park. Katavi National Park is also an amazing place to do a safari and it is an alternative safari experience when you are on the west of Tanzania. Animals like Leopards, Lions, Buffaloes, Elephants, Zebra, Waterbucks, Impalas can be found in Katavi National Park.

Eastern Circuit

If you want to experience holiday vibes along the Indian Ocean, this circuit will be your top-notch. Eastern Circuit includes the largest city of Tanzania, Dar es salaam, the beautiful Zanzibar, Mafia Islands and Saadani National Park.

Know Your Interests

Your interests have a huge influence on how to plan a trip to Tanzania. Make sure you know what you would like to achieve on your trip to Tanzania. Knowing what your wishes are can help you choose your bucket list place that you wish to visit.

If your interest is to see the Big 5 Animals and witness the Great Wildebeest Migration in just less than 5 days, the Northern Circuit can be your perfect choice. If you wish to experience a safari in less crowded parks, then the Southern Circuit Parks should be on the list. For all interests that include beach activities, the Eastern Circuit should be in the places to visit.

Your interests also can help you to determine how much you are going to spend on your trip to Tanzania. As you prefer a more comfortable and luxurious service is how you will have to pay more.

Where to Stay (Accommodation)

Sometimes, a safari can make you exhausted and tired. Choosing the best accommodation based on your interest is very important. When planning for accommodation, consider the comfort levels for your overnight stay. In Tanzania Parks, there is one to three levels of accommodation, depending on the park you will visit and your budget.

Three popular accommodation types are budget, mid-range or standard accommodation and luxury accommodation. In big cities and Zanzibar there also high-end accommodation for super luxurious services.

In order to have an amazing experience at a reasonable cost, standard accommodation is the best for anyone who wishes to have the best trip. Avoid budget accommodation if you want the best overnight stay. If you don’t mind to spend, try the luxury or high-end types of accommodation.

What to pack

Don’t do a mistake of overpacking on your trip to Tanzania. Choose your items thoroughly and keep luggage as simple as possible. This is because most of the local transport like flights and safari vehicles has a limited weight size on each guest’s luggage. Packing simple and basic kinds of stuff can help you save extra charges that can be added to excess weight.

Readout about What to Pack for a Tanzania Safari for more details.

Getting Around

4×4 safari vehicle, local flights, and boats will be your modal of transport on your Tanzania trip. If you want to minimize time, consider using local flight to almost every region in the country. Tanzania is a big country so a road trip may take much of your time, but you should consider this if time is not your problem.

Where to Stay?

When traveling the world, most of the countries will need you to have a passport. So if you are planning about how to plan a trip to Tanzania, knowing how to get a visa should also be in your to-do list.

You can get a Tanzania Visa upon your arrival at the Airport or at the Tanzanian embassy in your country. Other countries are visa-free to Tanzania, so if your country is one of these, then Visa won’t be a requirement.

Wrapping up

After explaining some of the important factors to consider when you are thinking about how to plan a trip to Tanzania, we hope your planning will be easier and smoother.

Take note: Our advice does not replace the advice that you will be given by your host or a company that will organize your trip from your home country.

If you need any help with planning a Tanzania Safari, feel free to contact us. Our Safari Specialists will be ready to help.

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