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How to Create a Lead Magnet to Attract Clients and Boost Sales

Did you know that 79% of marketing leads never lead to actual sales? This suggests your marketing team might be getting the wrong kinds of leads. It also means marketers need to be bringing in more and better leads all the time.

A lead magnet can do both, at the same time, and with little effort on your part after the initial setup.

We’re going to show you how to set up a lead magnet for yourself. You’ll have a fresh influx of potential new customers when it’s all said and done.

How To Create A Lead Magnet

Let’s begin by defining our terminology, shall we?

What Is A Lead Magnet?

Have you seen those pop-up boxes that come up on websites when you open a webpage? The ones that offer you something in exchange for your email address?

That’s a lead magnet.

A lead magnet could be thought of as an exclusive incentive to get someone to opt-in to receive your brand messaging? Exclusive content could be one way that could be achieved, but it’s not the only way.

Let’s move on to how to set up a lead magnet to give you some practical examples.

How To Set Up A Lead Magnet

On average, it costs 5 times more to acquire a new customer than it does to maintain an existing relationship. A lead magnet does a lot of this heavy lifting for you, as you’ve already started building a relationship with your customers simply by getting them to join your mailing list.

Let’s look at how to make a lead magnet, specifically, to show you how it’s done.

Generate Exclusive Content

There are all kinds of exclusive content you could create to entice your audience to sign up for your mailing list.

Ebooks are a popular choice. They tend to be written like white papers or studies but focus on broader subjects. They’re often written in a more conversational tone, as well, making them a good fit for an audience at the beginning of their buyer’s journey.

Infographics are also a popular choice as a giveaway. People love infographics’ ability to condense a lot of information into a very compact form. With the world being so busy, infographics are going to continue to be important.

Infographics are also branded a lot of the time, even if it’s only with a watermark. On the off-chance your customers share or reference your work, your customers are also serving as your brand ambassadors. It also helps to increase your position as a thought leader.

Podcasts and short videos are also very popular, in today’s time-challenged society. They also both tend to be branded and feature thought leadership, essentially advertising your company and generating leads simultaneously. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Write The Lead Magnet

Your lead magnet operates similarly to a landing page. You should have already done some brainstorming and figured out what stage of the buyer’s journey you’re trying to appeal to. This will impact how you set up and design your lead magnet.

Write out the main selling points you’re hoping to use to entice your audience to engage with your lead magnet. Use these selling points to create a landing page, using time-honored and tested sales techniques.

Make Your Lead Magnet Appealing

Spend a bit of time (and possibly money) to make your lead magnet looks its best. You want people to click, don’t you? You might also spend some time researching your industry to find out what graphic design trends are appealing to your audience, at the moment.

Make your landing page look its absolute best. Think about the fonts, the color design, and the actual layout of your lead magnet.

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and think about the emotional impact you’re hoping to have on your audience. Are you hoping to help them feel braver? Or perhaps happy and optimistic?

These choices will impact the visual presentation of your lead magnet.

Time For Implementation

After you’ve created your graphics and written your copy, it’s time to put it all together.

You’ll need to use some form of design or Word Processor software. If you’re looking to get super elaborate, Adobe Illustrator will let you create elaborate, interactive content that will stand up next to Fortune 500 companies.

Even a program as simple as Microsoft Office is more-than-powerful enough to make great lead magnets, though. You don’t need to spend a money to gather leads and increase conversions.

First, you’ll need to insert your graphics into a blank document. If your graphics have the text included, you can simply export this as a PDF file and voila! Your lead magnet is live.

If you’re including your text manually, you’ll need to work around your graphics. Spend some time with the margins and alignment before hitting publish. Graphic and textual elements have a tendency to get a little out of whack in the word processor.

After you’ve created your lead magnet, investigate how to have that asset pop-up on your website. You might insert it at a certain point in the text, for instance. When someone is leaving your website is another prime opportunity.

Don’t just restrict your lead magnet to your website, either. Reverse-engineer your campaign for social media, using those same keywords you created for the buyer’s journey as hashtags. You can also use this to segment your audience, which will not only produce leads but actionable ones at that.

If you’d like to learn more about upgrading your digital marketing skills you can discover more over here.

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