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How to Choose the Best Shirt Material

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You have the perfect design for a t-shirt, but how do you know what the best shirt material is? Deciding the material of the shirt to use for your design is an important part of the entire process.

Unsure how to choose the best t-shirt material for you? This guide will take you through different materials that could work for you.


Cotton is known to be soft shirt material because it is a natural fiber. This fiber is the most common t-shirt material.

The pros of cotton as t-shirt material are that it is soft, yet breathable. The material makes clothing more affordable and can be a great use for casual wear.

Cotton may be known for its softness, but it is also known for shrinking. The negative component of using this as a t-shirt material is that it shrinks after being washed in warm water for the first time.


Linen is a material made from the flax plant. Although it can be soft, it isn’t as soft as cotton.

Commonly known to be found in jackets and other clothing types, linen isn’t usually the first choice for t-shirts. But they can still work as material for t-shirts.

This material is lightweight and can dry quickly. These pros can be perfect for summertime clothing.

The biggest con of using linen as a t-shirt material is that it is slightly less soft than cotton. Linen also is easily wrinkled. A wrinkly shirt may not be the best way to display the design you want printed.


Polyester is a fiber that is man-made. You would normally see this type of material used for sports clothing. This synthetic fiber is one of the best shirt materials, but not t-shirt material.

Polyester dries quickly, is breathable, does not wrinkle easily, and stays the same shape and size when it is washed. The downside to this material is that it isn’t as comfortable as the soft cotton and linen materials.

If you’re looking for athletic type wear, polyester is the way to go.


Rayon is another man-made material, but it is blended from cotton, trees, and woody plants. Rayon is smooth, similar to silk in ways. Polyester is also a great material for sportswear.

If you are looking for any outdoor clothing, rayon could be a great option. It has a lightweight feel to it.

Unfortunately, rayon does not last as long as polyester overtime. Because of this, it can be easily wrinkled and worn out with many uses.


There are different types of blends that can work for as t-shirt materials. A blend of polyester and cotton can make your t-shirts soft and breathable. It is also usually cheaper than shirts made with all cotton.

Blends can also be three different materials. A hybrid t-shirt can have the best qualities of many different materials.

Find the Best Shirt Material For You

When choosing the best shirt material, think about the people who will be wearing it. Now that you have an understanding of what you need in a shirt, you can get a design on it now.

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