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How to buy a ballroom dress?

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Here are a few tips on buying a ballroom dress online:

  1. Make sure that your measurements are accurate.
  2. Decide your budget before beginning your search for a ballroom dress online.
  3. Initiate the process as early as possible to avoid unpredictable circumstances.
  4. Decide if you want to buy off-the-shelf or want a tailor-made ballroom dress.
  5. Buy your ballroom dress online from a trusted website.

Thinking of ordering a ballroom dress online? The type of ballroom dress that you buy depends on the event or the occasion for which you are planning to buy the dress, but it can be easily assumed that it may be one of the most important occasions.

Remember that a ballroom dress plays an important role in not just your appearance, but also your dance performance. Hence, whether you’re looking for a casual dance performance or something competitive, it is going to have a bearing on what sort of ballroom dress you will eventually settle for.

When you appear in front of people (or even on a stage), it is your dress people notice the first. Also, the flow of your ballroom dress exaggerates or hides your dance movements according to its make and design.

From the measurements to colors to the material to the occasion and the lighting to your body shape, there are lots of things to consider when buying a ballroom dress online (or even from the traditional shop).

Here are a few tips that will help you acquire the perfect ballroom dress from an online store that will help you become a showstopper.

Take all measurements before you start looking for a ballroom dress

When you wear a ballroom dress you become one with it. This is the reason why people often comment that a ballroom dress is as unique as the person wearing it.

Hence, create a table or a chart of all possible measurements of her different body parts before you decide to buy a ballroom dress online. The major measurements that you need are:

  • Bust
  • Waist
  • Shoulder width
  • The hip area (normally, 20 cm below the waist)
  • The measurement between the center of your shoulder to your bust point (around an inch from your neck)
  • The circumference of your neck
  • The sleeve length (your shoulder to your wrist)
  • Biceps
  • Wrist
  • Armhole (the point where your arm meets your shoulder)
  • The measurement between the center of your shoulder to the waist (the measuring tape must go over the bust point, touching it)
  • Torso (the measurement between your crotch – the point between your legs – and your shoulder with the measuring tape going over the bust)
  • The length of your ballroom dress from your shoulder to the hem (the measuring tape going over your bust)
  • Your full height, without shoes

If you properly take these measurements and give them to the supplier of your ballroom dress before ordering it online, there is very little chance that you will get a ballroom dress that won’t fit.

Properly assess your body shape or body type before ordering ballroom dress online

We all have unique bodies. As one of the premier suppliers of ballroom dresses we have observed that, provided the dress is made properly, all body types and all body shapes look beautiful. Nonetheless, the body shapes and the body types fall under the following broad categories:

  • Hourglass body type
  • Pear-shaped body type
  • Round body type
  • Inverted triangle body type
  • Rectangular body type

Let’s briefly explore the different body types and the ballroom dresses most suitable for them.

**Ballroom dress for the hourglass body type**

The most prominent highlight of this body type is the waistline. It has wider shoulders and hips, but it’s the waistline that shapes up in a typical ballroom dress.

Although what sort of material you want to choose while buying your ballroom dress online ultimately rests on your choice, for this body type, you should go for thin, lightweight fabric and design. You can accentuate the shape of your waist with a belt. The top fitting can be elaborate to highlight your figure. The neckline should be V-shaped.

**Ballroom dress for the pear-shaped body type**

In this case the lower body is wider than the upper body. To create a balance, you may like to add some volume to the shoulder and the upper body. Since your lower body is already highlighted, the accessories and the color scheme should highlight your upper body. Hence, you would like to try light-colored top and dark-colored bottom. The key is to use less material at the bottom and more at the top including jewelry, the neckline, and sometimes even the hairstyle.

**Ballroom dress for the round body type**

This body type has fuller hips and shoulders with minimum waistline. You should wear a dress that creates an illusion of a longer waistline. V-neck looks good. You may wear a belt at the waist to tighten up things there. You may want to avoid a full-length ballroom dress to show-off your legs.

**Ballroom dress for the inverted triangle body type**

In this body type, the chest is broader, and the shoulders are wider but on the other hand, the person has a narrow waist and narrow hips. Opposite to the pear-shaped, you want to highlight the lower part of the body to create a balance. When ordering online, avoid ballroom dress designs that further broaden the upper portion of your body and instead, opt for a dress that will make your lower body wider. Use brighter colors at the bottom. You can also use accessories around your waist and hips. You may also want a full skirt.

**Ballroom dress for the rectangular body type**

As are the characteristics of a rectangle, your waist, shoulders and hips are of the same size so you would like to wear a ballroom dress that accentuates your different body portions to give them a proper shape. You can add multiple layers to your dress to create more dimensions. You can have bright colours for your ballroom dress. You can add ruching, ruffles, appliques, rhinestones or fringe to highlight various portions of your ballroom dress.

How to finalize on the website to buy your ballroom dress online?

Of course, you might have your own favorite online retail store when it comes to buying important dresses online, such as your ballroom dress, even when you’re looking for websites where you have not shopped before, there are certain traits you may look for.

You will get a feel, to be frank. It’s a gut feeling. The website will have a catalog displaying different dresses. In fact, it may have a comprehensive catalog, and this shows that they have been in the business of selling ballroom dresses for a long time. They have a comprehensive inventory.

A well-established website does not look haphazard. It has a systematic way of displaying all the items. It seems to have a shopping cart and a payment gateway installed. Its support staff responds faster and asks the right questions. It has all the contact details prominently listed on the website. Above all, it has a wide choice when it comes to selecting your favorite ballroom dress.

Check the return policy of the online retailer

This is one of the most important questions to explore when buying a ballroom dress online. Since you’re not buying a dress from a shop, it is not possible to touch the dress or even try it out before buying it as you are able to do in a conventional shop. Even if the possibility is remote, you may have to return the dress or get exchanged. So, have a proper discussion with one of the representatives of the online retail store to confirm that you will be able to return the ballroom dress in case it does not fit or if something is missing.

An increasing number of people are buying their ballroom dresses online these days because it is easier. Another advantage is that unlike a conventional brick and mortar store, there is practically unlimited choice in an online store because an online store is not constrained by space.

Are you looking forward to creating a magic with your ballroom dress? Explore various options on our website. We are sure that you’re going to find a ballroom dress of your dreams in our online catalog. Want something specific? Feel welcomed to contact us.

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