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How Custom Acrylic Chairs Can Help Complete A Room

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Homes and offices of the mid-1960s boasted a unique modern design of the time. Rich colors palettes, lush carpets, and contemporary furniture.

Fast forward to today and many of those elements continue to make a statement, albeit a little more modern. One type of furniture people continue to love is acrylic chairs and lucite furniture.

Custom acrylic chairs blend historic styles with a splash of contemporary flair. They come in a range of colors and styles to fit any home or office design. Homeowners and business owners alike love the personality and uniqueness these chairs add to a room.

Do you want to give your home or office a little character and a creative touch? Here’s how custom acrylic chairs can help you complete any room!

Why Choose Custom Acrylic Chairs?

When choosing furniture and accessories for a room, there are several aspects of interior design your need to consider. Choosing items at random can cause a room to feel busy, unbalanced, and uncomfortable.

A part of interior design you must bear in mind is the visual weight. Each object in a room has a sense of weight on the eye. Objects that appear heavier due to color, fabric, or size have a stronger force that will draw the eye.

To make the design of a room successful, you need to create the right balance of visual weight.

Custom acrylic chairs offer the perfect amount of balance due to their light design and transparent materials. They offer very little visual weight, letting other elements of the room stand out. Any subtle colors you add to these custom chairs will accent the space rather than overwhelm it.

Better yet, acrylic dining chairs offer functionality to their unique design. Despite their subtle looks, acrylic chairs create a modern aesthetic punch with their sleek shapes and crisp edges.

Utilitarian Appeal

Acrylic chairs are the opposite of pretentious. The transparent and translucent materials have a high transparency rate allowing you to see through the acrylic. This ironically lets the acrylic chairs stand out while simultaneously highlighting other elements in the room.

Custom acrylic chairs don’t consist of fancy glass or crystal but rather an acrylic resin made from polymethyl methacrylate or poly. Poly is a lightweight, shatter-resistant, and durable material. This makes the acrylic chairs easy to move yet strong enough for you to rest on.

Modern Look

Lucite furniture, including custom acrylic dining chairs, has a very modern, contemporary, and transitional appeal. Acrylic chairs have a wealth of styles ranging from the chic fashion of the 1950s to a glamorous retro style today. The mid-century allure of these acrylic chairs will offer an eclectic and transitional style to any room.

Easy to Maintain

The durability and functionality of acrylic chairs make them very easy to clean and maintain. The polyresin material is smooth and doesn’t absorb spills, making cleaning quick and easy. They also don’t stain and their durability makes them difficult to break.

Acrylic chairs give you the flexibility for indoor and outdoor use. They can withstand high temperatures of over 320 degrees Fahrenheit. The acrylic material is waterproof, odorless, and classified by OSHA as nonhazardous.

Are you looking for unique chairs to accent your outdoor spaces? You’ll love how acrylic chairs are UV resistant and won’t break down like common plastic. Poly is an alternative material for windows!

Poly is an inert material made from natural gas. These characteristics prevent it from yellowing and becoming brittle when left in direct sunlight. It’s incredibly tough and resistant to most general wear and use.

You can find a variety of acrylic folding chairs and acrylic bar chairs to fit any space inside or outside your home.

A Vibrant History

Like many styles, lucite furniture had a rough spot during the 1980s. Since then, acrylic chairs and furniture have made a comeback and are becoming a hot choice for many interior designs.

The 1930s gave birth to this revolutionary acrylic material. Submarines and airplanes used acrylic for periscopes and windshields throughout WWII.

The 1950s mixed the utilitarian durability of acrylic with fashion and design. You could find acrylic in not only chairs and tables but handbags, rings, and beds.

Adding custom acrylic dining chairs to your home or office adds a touch of history. Not to mention the wonderful conversation starters these custom chairs will offer!

Customizable Options

Acrylic chairs come in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors. Acrylic bar chairs are perfect for high-top breakfast tables and counters while acrylic folding chairs are convenient for outdoor and temporary use.

Do you prefer something more elegant? You can find a variety of acrylic chairs with elegant customizable backs and frosted patterns. Acrylic leg dining chairs can feature different colored seats with padded options.

Clear transparent acrylic is the most popular due to its ability to work with most styles. There are, however, many other colors available. Red and blue acrylic chairs add a modern pop to an office or space with minimal color.

Match Any Furniture Style

Acrylic chairs work well in an endless number of interior styles and designs. They fit any light airy contemporary spaces as well as rooms with a rustic or warm interior.

Pair clear simple designed acrylic chairs with a large wooden table. The transparency of the chairs will highlight the table and prevent the chair and table ensemble from weighing down the room. This is a great way to keep your dining room or conference room light and airy.

Do you have a sitting room in need of more seats? Add a couple of vintage acrylic chairs with armrests to complement your sofa or daybed.

Perhaps you want your chairs to have a more traditional style. You can choose acrylic leg dinging chairs with the seat and back upholstered in the color of your choice.

Add Personality to Your Home With Acrylic Chairs

Is your home or office in need of additional seating that is both functional and aesthetic? Adding acrylic chairs to your space will create the right amount of visual balance and personality. You, your family, or your coworkers will love the distinctive appeal lucite furniture will add to a room!

Have questions about adding custom acrylic chairs to your home? Let us know! We have over 50 years of experience crafting custom lucite furniture and are happy to help you with your furniture needs!

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