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How and where to apply your Lil Baby On Board sticker

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Hey there! Thanks for purchasing a Lil Baby On Board sticker ?

You’re one step closer to car-decorated awesomeness.

Got your sticker in your hand? Excellent. Now it’s time to get it off the sticky backing and onto your car!

Hey – wait! Hang on a second! Slow down!

Sure, you could just slap your Lil Baby On Board decal anywhere. After all, it is your car.

BUT – as with all things, there’s a good way to do it, and an AMAZINGLY MIND-BLOWINGLY AWESOME way to do it.

So just sit tight for a moment and we’ll show you the ropes.

Because, if you do it this AMAZINGLY MIND-BLOWINGLY AWESOME way, you’ll help prolong the life of your sticker (which is what we all want, isn’t it?). They can last 3 to 5 years when applied correctly.

So, are you ready? Then here we go…!

STEP 1: Consider where to place your sticker

Best practice is to stick it on the outside of your rear window for optimum visibility.

That said, you could really stick it on any car window you desire, (except your windshield, duh).

Now, truth be told, our stickers have some, well *magical* properties. They’ve been known to cause passers-by to smile, and their owners to grin uncontrollably. And it goes without saying that they make rainbow-riding unicorns break into song on sight. But while they are car paint safe and may be applied to any part of your car, they are still, in reality, stickers, and like any sticker, may cause some slight discoloration over time.

STEP 2: Clean your chosen surface

Grab a teensy bit of dishwashing detergent on a damp cloth and rub well over your soon-to-be-covered-by-a-sticker surface.

Make sure you dry off the area afterwards with a cloth. We don’t recommend paper towels as sometimes they leave little fibers behind, which can get stuck in between your sticker and the surface, causing less-than-optimum sticking.

STEP 3: Peel and stick

Now the moment you’ve been waiting for. First, remove the outer sticker by peeling from top right corner. You may dispose the outer sticker, once peeled off. Second. gently and slowly peel your sticker away from its card backing.

Stick one edge of your sticker down gently and smooth the rest of the sticker into place.

Don’t rush this step! Slow and steady is the key here to make sure your decal gets stuck perfectly in the right spot, with no ugly wrinkles.

STEP 4: Time for a test drive

Enough said. Pop on your shades, put baby in their car seat, roll down those windows and drive away, off into the dazzling sunset :-).

If, for whatever reason, you’re unsatisfied with your sticker, don’t forget we have a 90 day money-back guarantee. All you have to do it contact our Customer Care Team and we’ll get the ball rolling.

That said, we do hope you enjoy your awesome Lil’ Baby on Board sticker!

Wishing you happy travels!

– the Lil Baby on Board team

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