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Helping Mother Earth by Using a Glass Water Bottle

For a very long time, spirits and wine have always used glass as the only storage option. The main reason is to maintain the purity of the taste since plastic tends to affect the purity of liquid.

Today, people are shifting from the use of plastic bottles to glass bottles when it comes to water packaging too. The reason is a glass water bottle is easy to clean, 100 percent recyclable, and does not add residual tastes to water.

When talking about recyclability, up to 80 percent of recovered glass is usually made into new glass products. That’s a great benefit to Mother Earth.

Learn more about the benefits of glass bottles:

1. Easy to clean

The cleanliness of a water bottle is essential and important for your health, especially when you use it every day at the gym or during running exercises.

Unlike plastic bottles, glass bottles are easy to clean in the dishwasher, and you can easily see when they are clean.

They are also safe to use compared to plastics. Back in 1999, the FDA warned about bisphenol A, or BPA, a chemical that is usually used in plastics.

2. 100 percent recyclable

Bottles and jars made from glass are usually 100 percent recyclable. The good thing is that they can be recycled several times without losing their quality.

In 2011, the U.S. recycled more than 3 million tons of glass. This helps to reduce the dependence on raw materials used in making new glass. For every ton of recycled glass, over a ton of natural resources are saved.

Recycling glass containers also produces less carbon dioxide than most materials.

Additionally, fiberglass and container industries get their materials at reasonable costs due to recycled glass.

3. Glass does not affect the soil

Unlike some materials that are degradable, glass won’t degrade and can stay in the soil in its original state for a longer time. It is estimated that glass can take more than one million years to decompose.

This means it won’t affect the composition and properties of the soil in any way. Moreover, glass is made naturally from different materials.

For example, when glass breaks in your garden, the plants will still grow healthily. While glass has no benefits to the plants or soil, it doesn’t cause any harm.

4. Reduced energy use

The use of recycled glass is beneficial to the environment than new glass when in comes to saving energy. Recycling one glass helps to conserve enough energy to power a 100-watt bulb for about four hours.

Also, for every 10 percent cullet used in the manufacturing process, the cost of energy drops by 2 to 3 percent.

With these figures, manufacturers can enjoy reduced cost of production and dependence on natural resources.

The bottom line

Glass is safe for use and doesn’t leach chemicals or other materials when holding sports drinks or water.

There are also downsides such as it’s breakable and usually heavier than plastic and metal bottles. But if you keep it safe, a glass water bottle can be a handy tool to always carry around.

Most importantly, it’s environmentally friendly. You will be supporting the worldwide environmental efforts by getting one.

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