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Gig Harbor Travel Resources: Our Top 7 Online Recommendations

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Recent Gig Harbor statistics via the Census Bureau have revealed that this once sleepy-fishing town has seen a 69% increase in population from 2010-2020. The details can be found in a well-written article on, and we highly encourage anyone reading this article, to also take the time to read that one.

All this goes without saying: Gig Harbor is growing, and forecasts predict there will be more growth – however, at a much lower and sustainable rate. As Gig Harbor grows and continues to shine more brightly, this also means more seasonal tourism.

For locals, it is a bitter sweet experience. On one hand, our business owners, retail shops, and restaurants are enjoying the increase in economy, and on the other, with that growth comes more traffic, more construction, and well, more people.

At Uptown we are proud to be well-known as a popular hang out spot for families and our greater community. From our community events, fundraisers, holiday shindigs, festivals, and culinary gathers, we welcome locals and visitors to come visit our shopping center and indulge in the South Sound lifestyle.

All that being said, we are also a strong voice in our community and while there is not a lot we can do to curb the influx of visitors, we can offer our suggestions for the best travel resources for Gig Harbor to prepare those whom are ready to visit.

We wish to convey, “All are welcome to come visit our nostalgic town, and we kindly ask to keep in mind, that your travel destination is our home.

-All of us locals

If you’re considering joining the rush and moving to this area, we wrote an article on why locals loving living in Gig Harbor. Consider this a primer to what local life is like so you can decide if this quiet, peaceful little town is the right fit for you.

Now, let’s get into our recommendation for the Top Gig Harbor Travel Resources.

As a local non-profit news organization, you can find “boots on the ground” stories of what’s going on in Gig Harbor. We feel it’s important for anyone visiting our area to get to know us, get to know what our community is like, and that means checking out our local stories. As seasoned travel lovers and adventurers ourselves, we’ve learned from our personal experiences that getting to know the local customs, etiquettes, and culture will only deepen your visit.

Find all kinds of events in Gig Harbor here at this locally run event resource. This site lists a variety of events for those looking to book a trip here.

As the official website for the Local Gig Harbor Visitor Information Centers, you can find updated articles highlighting upcoming events, along with resources on where to stay when visiting Gig Harbor, how to get around, and where to go to imbibe in local food and drink. On top of that you can even request a Visitors Guide mailed directly to you.

Since Gig Harbor is located on the Kitsap Peninsula, getting to know this geographical locale ought to be part of your travel research. With lots of scenic drives and smaller towns to visit along the way, we recommend to broaden your itinerary for the area.

Founded in 2004 by a local Gig Harbor resident, Dee Dee Holser, this resource aims to introduce the natural beauty of the Puget Sound. Not only does their website offer resources for visitors, they offer over 600 interactive environmental programs to the community. Their dedication and passion to protecting and appreciating the local wildlife and inspiring their community to do the same is what’s kept this grass-roots organization growing for almost 20 years.

If you’ve been on the internet searching for things to do in Gig Harbor, chances are you’ve come across the Harbor History Museum. The history of Gig Harbor is rich and full of tradition, and that’s what you’ll find at the official History Museum website. The museum carries over 29,000 maritime artifacts dating from the mid-1800’s, and you can find all the information you need to prepare for your visit and book a tour of the museum on their website.

While this is not a local travel resource, we want to include this in our list for the sheer amount of detail this website provides. This is an interactive website that you can plan your itinerary, collaborate with friends, import your flight and hotel info, and get personalized recommendations. However, the thing that we love the most about this site are it’s list of scenic drives from Gig Harbor you can choose. Pick your destination from their list, and you’ll find all the information you need about the drive including stops and scenic attractions along the way.

Shout Out To A Couple Of Local Travel & Lifestyle Bloggers.

Check out these local travel & lifestyle bloggers to get an even more intimate and personal write-up of life in Gig Harbor.

As a local realtor, this lady knows the ins and outs of Gig Harbor – she has to, it’s her business! Head here for informative videos and resources about the home buying market in the area.

Once a journalist, this mom of 2 turned to her own writing to share her experiences of traveling throughout the country with her 2 kids in tow. As a local contributor to “On The Up”, Uptown’s own blog, we recommend checking out her social media for tips, itineraries, and honest write ups of her travels in the PNW.

Final Thoughts:

While we wanted to consolidate this list and bring you our top recommendations, a quick search on Google will show you just how many resources there are out there for you to start planning your trip, and learn about the history, tradition, and culture of this area.

We encourage anyone planning a trip to Gig Harbor to check out these travel resources. And, if you have any recommendations of places online you’ve found useful in your research, let us know in the comment section below.

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