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Fitness Classes: The 7 Big Benefits of Group Exercise Classes

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Working out can completely transform your life! It is proven that working out regularly will not only help you lose weight and live longer, but it will also make you a happier person in your day to day life.

However, even though it is widely known that working out is beneficial, the majority of people still dread going to the gym and find reasons to stay at home instead.

Luckily, a lot of gyms are now offering group exercise classes to get people in the groove of working out regularly. If you want to learn more about the benefits of group exercise, then keep reading!

1. Commit To Your Workout Routine

Group exercise classes encourage you to commit to a workout routine! It is often said that the best exercise routine is a consistent workout routine.

Most gyms will have a calendar of their exercise classes every week. Once you try out a few and find the classes you like, it will be easier to fit these routines into your weekly routine!

Classes are often offered early morning, evenings, and even weekends so that there is a class for everybody.

When you go to a workout class, all you have to do is show up and try your best! The instructor takes care of all of the planning for you, making it less of a time commitment than showing up to the gym and planning your own exercise.

If you look at your calendar and see an actual workout class penciled in instead of a half-hearted, “workout today”, you are much more likely to get yourself to the gym and start breaking a sweat.

2. Increase Your Intensity

If you are in a rut with your fitness routine, an exercise class is sure to snap you out of it!

If you are used to doing cardio, try a strength training class! If you are used to yoga, try a spin class!

Trying a new class will mix up your workout routine and have you using muscles that you may have been neglecting.

Having an instructor that is motivating and a roomful of people trying their best is going to have you put in the extra effort to get yourself in shape.

3. Bring Out Your Competitive Side

Besides helping you get into a routine and mixing up your workouts, group exercise classes bring out the competitive side in everyone.

It is just human nature to want to perform better than the person next to you! Having other people working out in the same room as you give you a little bit more information about how you are doing with your fitness and motivates you to improve.

When you work out alone, it is easy to experience a workout plateau where you use the same weight, run the same distance, and burn the same number of calories. However, when you see other people busting their butts in a workout, you’ll have no choice but to do the same!

4. Ensure You Have Proper Form

Trying out a new exercise on your own is extremely intimidating. It also can be dangerous!

If you are unsure about the proper form of an exercise or if you want to see how a certain piece of gym equipment is used, trying it out in an exercise class is the perfect place to do it.

You will be amazed at how supportive your instructor and the members of your class are! Not only will they help you verbally, but you will also be able to observe them and compare your own form to make sure you are spot on every time.

5. It’s Cheaper Than Personal Training

Personal training is an awesome option for those that want to get into exercising and ensure that they are getting the best results possible!

However, personal training can end up costing a lot of money, which holds people back.

If this is you, then don’t worry! Group exercise classes are another great option.

In a group class, your instructor is going to be an expert! Most instructors are happy to answer any questions you have about particular exercises and a workout routine.

They are also going to have your back in class and make sure that you keep your intensity high and workout with the proper form.

Group exercise classes are significantly cheaper than personal training sessions, so give it a try!

6. Try A New Exercise

It might go without saying, but a group exercise class is a perfect way to try an exercise you have never done before!

Going to the gym and doing the same old exercises of running, push-ups, lifting weights, etc, can grow to be tedious and boring.

Exercise classes offer so many different types of fitness now! You can try yoga, pilates, kickboxing, swimming, aerial silks, cycling, boot camp workouts, and more!

Having a workout routine that excites you and challenges you is extremely important! Most people find that after they find the right activity, they actually are sad when they can’t get to the gym.

Take your time trying out new workout classes until you find one that gets you motivated!

7. Be A Part of A Community

Perhaps the best benefit of group exercise is the opportunity to be a part of a community!

In modern-day, everyone is often glued to a screen for one reason or another. Workout classes offer a space for people to talk and get to know each other without any distractions!

Working out is a space where you will get to see people on a regular basis and all work on improving yourselves. Many lifelong friendships actually start with two random people that found themselves in the same class.

The Many Benefits of Group Exercise Classes

Now you know the many benefits of group exercise classes! In a group environment, you will be able to stay motivated, get healthy, try something new, and be a part of an awesome community!

Interested in trying out some of our workout classes? Feel free to contact us! We’re excited to help you.

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