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Finding Alternatives to Bad Habits

We are creatures of habit and many of us will find us getting into bad routines as a result of this at some point or another in our lives. The good news is that bad habits can be changed. While the journey may be tough at first, you can make changes easier by finding alternatives to the things you crave. This replaces your bad habit with one that isn’t so detrimental to your overall health and well being. Here are just a couple of examples that show you how easy it can become to change bad ways into positive ones.


We all know that smoking isn’t good for us. Smoking itself is associated with a whole host of health repercussions that can greatly impact our overall quality of life and can even prove fatal down the line. Cancer, heart disease, and respiratory conditions are just a few that spring to mind. But many of us find ourselves experiencing difficulty when it comes to quitting smoking, as we are addicted to the nicotine that is found in tobacco. If quit-smoking-aids like nicotine patches and nicotine gum haven’t worked for you so far, you’re in luck. Another alternative has more recently hit the market – vaping. When you vape, you engage in an activity that looks a lot like smoking. You breathe in from a device, inhale and exhale a cloud of (what appears to be) smoke. But the good news is that there is no smoke involved in vaping at all. Instead, you are simply inhaling water vapor. Many vape liquids have nicotine that can help to wean you off smoking while cutting the negative health consequences out immediately.


Many of us have a sweet tooth. But too much sugar really can be bad for you. It’s associated with illness, such as obesity, heart disease, and various other conditions we’d rather give a miss. There’s no reason that we need to eat as much sugar as we often do. The problem is that though many health experts will advise we find sugar in a natural form – such as fruit – it doesn’t have quite the same kick that we’ve grown to get from cakes, biscuits, and other snacks. If you find that you’re struggling to cut down the sugar in your diet and natural sweetness isn’t doing it for you, you might want to consider artificial sweeteners. These can be placed in drinks, used to make cakes, and sprinkled over whatever you fancy.

Of course, these are just two areas where alternatives can make quitting a bad habit a whole lot easier. But there are plenty more out there. If you have a bad habit, there will be some sort of alternative out there to make kicking the habit to the curb easier.

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