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Best Air Hockey Tables of 2019

Air hockey is a staple in arcades everywhere. It’s an enjoyable, competitive activity for the whole family. Any child or adult would love to have this at home, especially those playing at competitive levels. 

Mastering the basics of air hockey needs consistent practice. Whether you’re in it to enjoy a nice day with the family or play competitive, you need an air hockey table. The best air hockey tables can give you the competitive edge you need to play at a high level.

In this guide, we give you the top air hockey tables you can use for your needs. From the best quality materials to best surfaces, here’s what you need:

1. Playcraft Derby 6’ Air Hockey Table

If you’re looking for the best home air hockey table, you want something the provides excellent value. You want something that can give you and your friends hours of fun. The Playcraft Derby 6’ air hockey table is a great choice for people everywhere.

Sure, it’s not a pro-level table, but it’s a regulation-sized one that follows air hockey rules. Even then, people who want to enjoy the speed of the game would want this as their home table. This table is the right one for you.

The PVC-laminated surface spans 6 feet, providing a wide enough surface to practice and even try tricks. Among top air hockey tables, this provides a reliable airflow as well. This helps keep the puck in play longer for a better, more enjoyable game.

The Playcraft Derby 6’ air hockey table is sturdy and durable. While it skimps a bit on the quality of the accessories, it’s a solid table that is half the price of the next best thing. For recreational players, this is the best option for you.

2. Harvill 5’ Air Hockey Table

Harvill provides one of the best air hockey tables on the market. While their Harvill 5’ Air Hockey Table is at the smaller end of the spectrum, it never stops giving a fun time. This is the best home air hockey table if you want something nice and compact.

This Harvill 5’ table comes with dual fan blowers and an automatic electric scoreboard. This allows for better scoring, preventing people from cheating. This is a solid beginner set for people looking to get into air hockey with their friends or family.

The graphics of the table is easy on the eyes but still cool to look at. It’s compact enough to not be cumbersome for smaller spaces, using adjustable L-shaped legs. The games on this Harvill 5’ Air Hockey Table are smooth, fast and stylish all the same.

3. Gold Flare Home Elite

The Gold Flare Home Elite is one of the best, most professional quality tables out there. It’s among the pantheon of top air hockey tables because of its competitive level value. Its pro-class features can make this table your dream come true.

The table’s size and make follows competitive specifications. This means if you’re practicing for the competitive scene, you can use this for the tournament scene. It has all the bells and whistles that can help you win at a pro-level.

All the side rails, blowers, end goals, and the table surface has a design that meets air hockey tourney rules. All these features work to give you the best level of play for competitive environments. Each player will get the best speed and most superior accuracy when playing with this table.

The Gold Flare Home Elite specs to the teeth with the best bells and whistles. It’s the same coin-op version you see in arcades, without having to drop in your precious coins further. With its 1-year warranty, it’s hard to get wrong with the best home air hockey table.

4. Gold Standard Games Tournament Pro Plus

If you want to play pro-level but the Gold Flare Home Elite is outside your budget, no need to fret. The Tournament Pro Plus ticks the boxes in everything that the USAA sanctions. Sure, it’s lacking the full-sized overhead lighting and the arcade colors, but it has everything you need.

The Tournament Pro Plus provides overhead lighting so you can see the action as clear as possible. It also has an electronic overhead scoring, which means no manual scoring and no cheating. It even has a rounded construction that provides the best comfort to any players at any level.

For people who are looking to burst into the competitive scene but don’t want to burn the budget, this is it. The Tournament Pro Plus is the option that you would want for your home. Practice on this air hockey table and enjoy a competitive level feel.

5. MD Sports Titan 7.5’

The MD Sports Titan is for the casual competitive looking to get more out of their game. It’s a 7.5 feet table and one of the top air hockey tables around. Its dimensions are near tournament model at 89 x 48 x 32 inches, which means you’re not missing much.

The design is a perfect addition to a nice man cave, with its gorgeous white or yellow design. The white design even has two different decals, so you can pick which one you feel more. 

The MD Sports Titan uses electronic scoring, which makes it easy to track everyone’s progress. The arch light in the middle gives it great illumination, with solid sound effects and inner LED lights. It’s one of the best home air hockey tables for people who want casual but high-speed gameplay.

These Are The Best Air Hockey Tables in 2019

When it comes to the best air hockey tables, you need to strike a balance between your needs and fun. If you want to play at a professional level, you want tables that follow USAA sanctions. If you’re looking at casual fun, you can go nuts and enjoy any size at any budget.

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