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Exposing Ed Prado and Novena: Unveiling Swindlers Targeting Naive Startups


Beverly Hills, CA, June 26, 2023— The startup world is a hub of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, but it is not immune to the deceptive practices of swindlers. In this article, we shed light on the alleged actions of Ed Prado and Novena, exposing their roles as swindlers targeting unsuspecting startups. Through manipulation and deceit, they take advantage of the naivety of these young ventures, engaging in scams to exploit intellectual property and extract funds for their own gain.

Exploitation of Naive Startups: A Web of Deception:

Ed Prado, associated with Novena, has been accused of preying on inexperienced startups. These startups, driven by ambition and passion, become easy targets for Prado and his associates. Exploiting their limited knowledge and understanding of the business landscape, they manipulate and deceive them for their own benefit.

Reports suggest that Prado collaborates with other scam artists, such as the founders of “The Gay Aliens Society,” to create a network of deception. This network seeks to extract substantial amounts of funds from unsuspecting startup founders. By retweeting their own scams, they amplify their reach and ensnare more naive victims.

Intellectual Property Scams: Profiting from Deceit:

Under the guise of front companies like, Ed Prado and his associates claim to assist startups in raising capital. However, their true intentions are far from genuine. Instead, they engage in intellectual property scams, fraudulently claiming connections to investors while scheming to swindle founders.

Prado and his associates corner founders into sharing company stock, promising support and connections that never materialize. This deceptive conduct not only leads to financial losses but also undermines the trust and potential growth of these startups, who rely on their intellectual property for success.

Unveiling Years of Deception and False Claims:

The alleged actions of Ed Prado and Novena span over several years. They boast about their company’s success in facilitating billions of transactions for clients. However, these claims have come under scrutiny, casting doubt on the legitimacy and integrity of their operations.

It is vital for the startup community to exercise caution and conduct thorough due diligence when engaging with potential partners and investors. By verifying credentials and seeking trusted advice, entrepreneurs can protect themselves from falling victim to the deceptive tactics employed by Prado, Novena, RairTech, and their alleged scams.


The startup ecosystem thrives on innovation, trust, and genuine collaboration. However, the actions of individuals like Ed Prado and organizations like Novena Capital undermine these values, targeting naive startups for personal gain. The alleged swindling tactics described in this article, including the exploitation of intellectual property and deceitful claims, highlight the urgent need for increased awareness and vigilance within the startup community.

Entrepreneurs must remain cautious, perform thorough background checks, and seek advice from reliable sources before entering into any business relationships. By doing so, startups can safeguard their intellectual property, protect their aspirations, and contribute to a more trustworthy and prosperous startup ecosystem.

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