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Expanding Marketing Firms Merge

Two growing marketing firms out of Sandy Springs have expanded out to Gainesville and merged to build their empire and make ground-breaking moves. 


Gainesville, GA, May 3, 2021 – Gateway Executives and RedBelt Inc announced that they are merging into one office. With rapid growth and recent national expansions, CEOs Regenia Lee of Gateway Executives and Daniel Uzamere of RedBelt Inc decided they needed to band together and skyrocket their companies.

Gateway Executives is a promotional sales and marketing firm that was founded in 2019 by Regenia Lee, who built her business from the ground up. She believes in running her business with impartiality and creating an atmosphere that makes her team feel like one big family. She prides herself on diversity and culture within her company. Lee started out as a sales rep at our sister office in Sandy Springs, worked her way through the program that we train others in, successfully completed it, and is now running her own firm. Lee has been a trailblazer in the industry ever since she got her foot in the door and has made amazing breakthroughs over the last two years.

Gateway’s mission statement is to provide prosperous Gateway for diligent entrepreneurs to make their dream a reality.

Hailing from Nigeria, Daniel Norman Uzamere has paved his path and made his mark over the last seven years of being in the states. Uzamere is the president and CEO of RedBelt Incorporated. He got promoted to management and opened his own office in June of 2020.

Redbelt was inspired by a book called “Unstoppable” by Dave Anderson, relating to the attitude of going further no matter the growth. Uzamere prides his company on motivation and success. He is a family-oriented man with a beautiful wife and an awesome 2-year-old son. Along with being a businessman, father, and husband, Daniel is also a professional choreographer that loves to teach and dance.

To create a world that we passionately desire while giving to others is the mission of RedBelt Inc.

Both firms run their businesses with an open-door policy and make their employees excited about coming to work every day. Lee and Uzamere are dedicated to the development of their employees both personally and professionally and make sure to check on them with their personal lives.

Headquartered in Gainesville, GA, Gateway Executives and RedBelt Inc. work with the largest clients in telecommunications and Fortune 500 companies with continued growth across the nation. Look out for the office grand opening on May 1.

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