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Everything You Should Know About Pre Roll Joint Packaging

In 1996, California was the first state to legalize medical marijuana. Since then, branding and packaging have become just as vital in the marijuana industry as any other legally functioning business. 

Whether you are selling a pound of product or pre-rolled joints, the packaging is important for your business. There are many different options for pre-roll joint packaging, so how do you ensure that you are getting the most out of your packaging? 

Keep reading to learn more about pre-roll joint packaging for your marijuana business. 

Brand Your Pre-Roll Joint Packaging 

Your joint packaging is not only important to maintain the quality of your pre-rolled product, but it also acts as an advertising tool. 

This packaging is light and easy to carry around, making it an important marketing tool. You want to ensure that your logo is on the package and is visible when your customer is taking out their pre-rolled joint. 

Your branding should look professional and high quality. Not only should you include your logo, but you want to have the ingredients on the label and a message about your company’s branding. 

Incorporate Social Media 

This is a great way for your customers to interact and engage with your business. 

You can include a QR code on your pre-roll packaging labels. This takes customers to your social media pages, where they can browse more of your products. They then have the opportunity to like, comment, and repost your content and reach a broader audience. 

Additionally, consumers have become very conscious about the products they consume. Your packaging might be quite small for pre-roll joints. Therefore, adding a link that takes your customer to your social media pages will allow you to offer more information on the product. 

Showcase Your Brand Quality 

Your packaging is the first thing that customers will notice. If you want to get them interested in your product, the branding and quality must shine through. 

For luxury pre-roll packaging, you want your products to be attractive to the customer with a custom design that stands out. Not only do you want your product to look attractive, but you also want customers to feel the quality when they pick up the package. 

Great pre roll packaging vials and jars will ensure visibility of your products and quality materials.

Ensure Child Resistant Packaging 

For many of your customers, child safety is a high priority if they decide to keep marijuana in the house. You want to ensure that your pre-roll packaging is safe and impossible for a child to open. 

Many manufactures for jars, vials, and containers, offer a child safety guarantee to keep your child away from potential harm. 

All About Packaging Your Pre-Roll Product  

Pre-roll joint packaging is important for the branding of your products. Not only that, it is an opportunity to get your customers engaged in your social media and display the brand’s quality.  Don’t forget to child-proof your packages for the safety of your customers. 

If you found this article helpful, keep coming back to our awesome blog for more packaging tricks and tips for your products! 


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