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Essential Guide: VIP Chauffeur Service in Dubai

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Looking for deluxe transportation solutions in the Emirates? Follow the essential guide to VIP chauffeur service in Dubai.

63% of travelers worry about getting to the airport for a flight according to a study reported on by Travel+Leisure. That makes it the largest stressor among travelers, beating out losing luggage and even the flight itself.

All the little things that could go wrong on a trip, like getting to the airport on time, rob us of what should be an enjoyable experience. That’s why it’s so important to hire the right services to remove the stress from your journey, leaving you free to enjoy the ride.

Luckily in Dubai, luxury and care are available for every part of your trip.

There’s no need to be part of that 63% when you can hire a chauffeur service to get you to and from the airport on time, as well as whisk you through the City of Gold in style.

There are many airport transportation services, some masquerading as upscale while providing a sub-par experience to their clients. Don’t be fooled. Ask the right questions and make sure your specific needs are going to be met.

If you’re unsure what the right questions are, here’s a guide to hiring the right service for your trip to Dubai.

Are They Full-Service or Are They Simply Drivers?

Maybe all you need is someone to drive you from the airport to the hotel. In that case, you might as well just wait for a taxi.

But if you want comfort and a service that will be there to assist you from the moment you step off the plane, then what chauffeur company you hire matters very much.

For all-around service as soon as you land, AssistAnt Global Concierge Service is the smart choice. Their VIP packages for Dubai International Airport are as far from a taxi ride as you can get. They transport you from your gate, help you through customs, and bring you to your waiting car.

A full-service company can also improve your trip with engaging activities. A good service will be able to help you plan and book a private or specialty tour, charter a yacht, hire a helicopter, or find other excursions that you would enjoy. They can act as your insider guide to recommend and book outings for you and your party.

The right company is more than just a chauffeur car service. They want to make your entire experience as engaging and stress-free as possible.

Who Do They Cater To?

Whether or not you can afford to enjoy the most opulent activities in Dubai, your chauffeur service should treat you like a VIP guest.

But not all companies can accommodate the different types of travelers.

Are you traveling with a group? Is this a business trip? Do you need a translator? Do you require extra security?

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If you’re trying to impress a client, a company that mainly serves casual tourists isn’t the right choice. If you want a getaway with a group of friends, a service that can only accommodate parties of one to two people won’t work.

There are many Emirates chauffeur services to choose from, but not all of them will offer what you need.

Can They Meet Your Needs or Are You Expected to Meet Theirs?

A personal chauffeur service works for YOU, not the other way around. They should be able to adjust to your schedule, even if it changes, and listen to your needs, even if they aren’t the standard requests.

If a company acts like you’re inconveniencing them by needing special considerations, then they don’t understand the customer-business relationship and probably don’t deserve your money.

AssistAnt’s motto is “Make a wish, we’ll make it happen,” and they mean it.

Traveling by ship instead of by plane? Their luxury chauffeur service will pick you up at the port.

Bringing a furry friend with you? They can make sure your pets receive special treatment, too, getting you groomers, pet walkers, or whatever else you may need on your trip.

Want to charter a private jet? They can arrange it, plus any extras you need to go along with it.

Make sure the service you choose is there to actually serve you.

How Important Is Your Safety?

There are many ways a private chauffeur service demonstrates that they care about your safety.

They hire experienced, skilled drivers.

They have appropriate cleaning procedures and other health precautions. This especially important during the COVID outbreak.

All concierge services should also keep on top of government COVID regulations, which may affect important details like how early you have to arrive at the airport.

They don’t only look after you, but your possessions. While your safety should be a priority, your valuables and important documents, like your passport, should be looked after as well.

If a company doesn’t discuss these points on their website, give them a call or an email to find out how they will safeguard you on your travels.


Are You Looking to Stand Out?

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If you’re looking to blend in with your fellow passengers, having a chauffeur is not for you.

Hiring a personal chauffeur service comes with an undeniable prestige that many people never experience. It will draw attention to you and your business and accentuate your status.

Even if you don’t like to spoil yourself, when it comes to your business partners, or your family and friends, doing something a little special can make your traveling companions feel special, too.

What Do You Want Your Chauffeur Service Experience to Be?

In the end, it’s all up to you.

Decide what matters most in terms of comfort and care, then find a company that exceeds those expectations.

You shouldn’t have to worry about the quality of your chauffeur service. Dubai is a city known for its luxury, and every part of your journey should take advantage of that.

Whether for business or pleasure, traveling should be enjoyable.

Don’t cheat yourself out of the luxury you deserve. Put your trust in one of the leading luxury services with over a decade of proven quality.

Bon voyage and safe travels!

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