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Drug and Alcohol Rehabs Near Me—Take the First Step towards Recovery

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The use of alcohol and even some drugs has become commonplace today. With the legalization of cannabis in some states and the portrayal of alcohol in advertising, reality shows, and more, it’s no wonder so many people today are using drugs and alcohol to excess.

Both alcohol and some drugs have been around for centuries. Alcohol dates back to as early as 7000 BC in China and between 2000 and 3000 BC in India. Substances such as opioids can be traced back to the first use of opium in the United States in 1775. And the love/hate relationship with both alcohol and drugs goes far back in time as well.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are 3.3 million alcohol-related deaths across the globe each year. WHO also reports around 31 million people worldwide have substance use disorders. These numbers reflect the reason why there are so many searches for drug and alcohol rehab near me on Google. Many not only need help but want help to recover from alcohol use disorders (AUD) and substance use disorders (SUD).

Turning Your Search into Action

If you or someone you love is struggling with an alcohol or drug addiction, you may find yourself searching online for a drug and alcohol rehab near me. You aren’t alone. In fact, drug and alcohol rehab near me is one of the most commonly searched phrases on the internet today.

And while there are millions of people worldwide living in active addiction and only searching for drug and alcohol rehabs near me, there are those two who not only perform the Google search but also take the first, sometimes very difficult step, towards a life free from addiction.

At Futures Recovery Healthcare, we know how hard it can be to just do an online search for drug and alcohol rehabs near me. We also understand how difficult and scary it can be to call or reach out online to one of the addiction treatment centers you find in your drug and alcohol rehab near me searches.

Reaching out for help, or even reaching out to learn more, is taking the first crucial step towards recovery and freedom from addiction. This first step, which often begins with the simple online search for drug and alcohol rehab near me, can be a life-saving step.

At Futures, we are here for you and are ready to support you on your journey to long-lasting recovery, happiness, and reclaiming your life. Offering three types of residential treatment programs, intensive outpatient treatment, ongoing alumni meetings and outings, telehealth for you and your family, and much more, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive care, individualized care for the treatment of the complex disease of addiction.

When you search for a drug and alcohol rehab near me, be sure you find one that will address your unique recovery needs. From co-occurring disorders such as substance abuse and a mental health illness to medication-assisted treatment and medically-supervised detox, each individual has their own specific needs and the addiction treatment center you choose should be able to meet those needs.

In addition, when you sift through the drug and alcohol rehabs near me results be sure you look for a rehab that not only treats the substance use issue but also has support services to help you regain your life. A center that helps you get healthy through nutritional programs and physical fitness, challenges you to find new hobbies and interests, and one that includes your family or loved ones in some part of your recovery are all essential components of an effective AUD or SUD treatment program.

When you are ready to go beyond just a search for drug and alcohol rehab near me and take the next step, Futures is here for you.

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