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Do I Have a Case for a Bed Bug Lawsuit? 8 Ways to Know

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If you’ve ever been bitten by a bed bug, you know what an unpleasant experience it is. Those little guys hurt, and besides that, they infect everything and everyone else you come into contact with if you’re unlucky enough to take one home.

It’s tempting to sue if you contract bed bugs in a public place. It can be done, too- in fact, one woman got $100,000 after suing a hotel that gave her an infestation.

If you think you want to make a lawsuit for bed bug damages, it’s important that you know what you’ll need to make a strong case. Read on for some details about the sorts of things you’ll need to file- and win- a bed bug lawsuit.

1. You Have the Right Documents

In order to have a case for a bed bug lawsuit, you need to provide the appropriate documents to prove that you have a case. This means that you need to have written documentation that you were in the same place at the same time as the bed bugs were.

Examples of this would be the receipt from a night in the hotel that the incident took place at or a train ticket from a ride where you were bitten. If you can provide official documents, you will have a much easier time making your case.

2. The Bed Bugs are Still There

If the bed bugs are still present at the facility that you’re filing a lawsuit against, you’ll have a much easier time making a compelling case. One way to find out if the bed bugs are still there is by your own experience. If you’re filing against a daycare or an assisted living facility, chances are you still have access to the venue the bugs were found.

If you got the bed bugs somewhere you no longer have access to, like a hotel or train, talk to others who were there at a similar time. Chances are you aren’t the only one who found bed bugs.

3. You’ve Taken the Bed Bugs Elsewhere

Like we said before, bed bugs are highly infectious. If even one bed bug is on your person when you go to a new venue, the chances of an infestation happening there- or anywhere else you go- are high.

This means that if you get bitten on a bus or train, you’re likely to find your home full of bedbugs, too. There are a lot more cases you can make if you’re stuck with these pests in your living space causing more injury, property damages, and cleaning costs.

4. There Are a Lot of Bites

You might not think of them this way, but bed bug bites aren’t just annoying- they’re a legitimate injury in the eyes of the law. Bites cause pain and suffering, which is grounds for a lawsuit in and of itself.

If you’ve been bitten by bed bugs- especially multiple times- you can sue for personal injury if your lawyer is up to snuff. If you’ve become sick because bed bugs can transfer diseases, you may be able to get even more money.

5. Property Damage Has Happened

It’s no surprise that bed bugs, like most pests, are unsanitary. They can cause a lot of property damage by burrowing into the fabrics of chairs or mattresses, eating them up from the inside out so they have a place to live.

That’s property damage in and of itself, and you can definitely sue to get the funds to replace your furniture or carpeting. But what about cleaning fees? You can file a lawsuit that will have these fees covered, too!

6. You Have an Awesome Lawyer

No matter how much research you do on the law, you’ll never learn enough to match the expertise of a lawyer. To get a full and comprehensive understanding of the case you should be making, you need to consult an attorney about the next steps you should be taking.

Not only will these bed bug lawyers know what your case should look like and what sort of lawsuit to file, they will also be able to represent you in court. Your chances of winning a case are much better if you find an attorney early, so don’t wait!

7. Codes Have Been Violated

State and local governments all agree that bed bugs pose a serious health risk. After all, with the pain that the bites cause and the possible spread of diseases, there are a lot of health risks and opportunities for unsanitary environments.

Health and safety codes are established for this reason. Your lawyer will know more about what happens when there’s a code violation, but the bottom line is that you have grounds for a lawsuit if bed bugs existed in an environment in violation of these codes.

8. There’s a Breach in Contract

Similarly, there sometimes are contracts you sign when entering into a situation that you can contract bed bugs. Examples of this are apartment leases, tenant agreements, assisted living contracts, and day care rules. If it’s somewhere you or someone else lives or goes often, contracts have almost certainly been signed.

Most of these contracts have provisions for cleanliness and health standards. If the bed bugs are a breach of the contracts that are in place or a result of an unsanitary environment, you can definitely sue.

Look Into a Bed Bug Lawsuit

Bed bugs are pesky, painful, and huge pests. If you’re suffering after an issue with bed bugs at pretty much any venue, there’s a case that you can make to demand just compensation for any pain and suffering or property damage that you have experienced.

Now that you know what you need to make a compelling bed bug lawsuit, click here to contact our knowledgeable team of legal experts. Schedule a free consultation today!

Good luck!

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