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Different Non-Invasive Fat Burning Devices and How They Work

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InstaSculpting is a new and effective way of getting rid of excess fat. Here’s a review of the different non-invasive fat burning procedures…

Many factors can cause a person to have excess and stubborn fat in various parts of the body.

After all, certain body parts tend to accumulate and hold more fat than a person would desire.

So, a good diet and regular exercise may not always solve this problem, especially when the cause of excess fat is hormonal changes and imbalance, and age.

At this point, body contouring may become the best solution because it specifically targets fat cells and can be done in a particular area.

The results of such a procedure may be visible after the first session, although more noticeable results are after a few sessions.

There are different types of non-invasive fat burning and body sculpting machines1 in the market.

Here Are Some of the Fat-Burning Non-Invasive Fat Burning Devices

Ultrasonic Devices

To start off, let’s go over one thing real quick. Weight loss is not fat loss.

Ultrasonic devices specialize in fat loss and not weight loss. In this case, fat cells are removed by fast-moving sound waves that penetrate the skin and melt the fat cells.

It focuses on a particular area, and sonic waves break down fat cells detaching them from the derma.

InstaSculpting is the primary technology used for this procedure.

Ultrasound technology does not affect the tissue, and it does not bruise the skin at all.

This procedure’s results can be visible after the first treatment, although it will require about 16 weeks for the results to show clearly.

The general advice is to space treatments in intervals of two weeks.

Laser Devices

Laser fat removal is the use of lasers to destroy any unwanted fat cells in the body.

It also works on targeted areas as a person would like. The treatment is one-time, and results start to show within six weeks.

It permanently destroys fat cells; hence after the body eliminates them, permanent results show.

Cryolipolysis Devices

The devices are also commonly called fat freezing devices—the machine works by freezing fat in a targeted area of the body.2

The exposure of fat cells to extreme cold causes them to freeze and die.

The body then naturally flushes them out. As with all other fat removal methods, there is a permanent removal of the body’s fat cells.

The change is usually noticeable with the first treatment, but the body removes the dead fat tissues within a month. Within three months, the results are apparent.

Radio Frequency Devices

Radiofrequency devices work by the use of magnetic waves technology that heats up and melts fat cells.

This method is unique because it does not touch the skin, making it the desired method for full-body fat removal.

The recommended duration of the treatment is one week (ten sessions in total). Results vary but should be visible after the final treatment.

Red Light Therapy Devices

Red light therapy devices work two-fold; shrinking targeted fat cells and tightening the skin by using high-frequency wavelengths.

Two or three sessions can be enough to help get rid of unwanted fat cells.

The results are usually instant with more improvement as the body continues to burn the fat down.

Advantages of Non-Invasive Fat Burning Devices

These fat removal methods help in reducing the body fat percentage using a non-surgical procedure. They may also reduce the appearance of scars, help recover muscles and tighten the skin.

Furthermore, these devices have been proven to help people remove unwanted body fat that was otherwise hard or impossible to remove through other remedies.3


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