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Craft Agency Group Helps Clients in the Wedding Industry Grow Their Business

Going into 2023, Craft Agency Group is excited to be accepting new clients in the events, entertainment, travel, and wedding industries. Craft Agency Group can help you grow your wedding industry business with the right marketing solutions that will help you connect with clients. 


United States, January 17, 2023— As the world recovers from the health crisis and returns back to normal, Craft Agency Group is excited to announce that they are once again accepting new clients.

Those in the wedding industry will especially benefit from Craft Agency Group’s top-tier marketing services. The wedding industry was hit hard during the health crisis, so Craft Agency Group developed the perfect marketing tactics to help them thrive as the economy returns to normal.

So what makes this wedding marketing agency stand out from the rest? Craft Agency Group provides top-notch lead generation services for those in the wedding industry.

“From photographers, venues, planners, and hotels to caterers, bakeries, and bar services our team is helping wedding professionals in all industries connect with their ideal clients and fill their calendars with prospects,” said Casey Richardson with the Craft team.

Craft Agency Group founder Casey Richardson is an entrepreneur with over a decade of experience and is all too familiar with the struggles that come with running a local business. With these struggles in mind, he and his team at Craft offer marketing solutions that streamline your business and will help your business succeed.

The Craft Agency Group offers a 100% performance-based service. With Craft, there are no retainers or long-term contracts, you only pay for leads. To help promote your business even further, Richardson and his team have partnerships with big-name businesses such as Facebook, Google, Yelp, and Hulu. These partnerships, along with innovative marketing strategies, will result in exponential growth for your wedding business. You can watch your business transform into an industry leader right before your very eyes.

“From lead generation to full-service marketing, Craft Agency Group has something for everyone in the wedding industry that wants to make their dreams of success a reality,” said Richardson.

Craft’s results-driven model combined with their expert advice provides customers with all the tools they need to achieve maximum success at price points that work with every budget.

Looking to get in contact with the team? Take the first steps by reaching out on the Craft marketing agency website at

So what are you waiting for? Take your business to the next level with Craft Agency Group today!

About Craft Agency Group:

Craft Agency Group is a marketing agency that specializes in lead generation for 6-7 figure service providers in the wedding industry, helping them to connect with their ideal clients and grow their business.

Contact Information:

Casey Richardson
Craft Agency Group
3410 La Sierra Avenue
[email protected]

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