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Content Pillars: A Powerful Strategy for Driving Organic Traffic

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Content Pillars: A Powerful Strategy for Driving Organic Traffic

The pillar-and-cluster technique, also known as the topic cluster methodology or content pillars, was introduced by HubSpot Research in 2017. Have you tried this powerful strategy to bring organic traffic to your website?

With content pillars, you can create focused and insightful pieces of content around specific topics. This helps draw in new visitors and entices them to explore more of what’s inside. This type of topical-based content focuses on one core concept that is further broken down into other related topics, providing an easily navigable hub of information.

Pillar content provides value for readers by giving them easy access to relevant facts but they also serve as the cornerstone of SEO strategies. They help you rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Discover how content pillars could help boost your business’s visibility online. Learn what you should be doing as part of your content strategy.

What Are Content Pillars?

Content pillars are long-form pieces of content that serve as the foundation for a content marketing strategy. They typically take the form of an article, blog post, video, or infographic.

They provide comprehensive coverage on a particular topic and can be broken down into more manageable chunks, known as “clusters”.

Other names for content pillars:

  • Content clusters
  • Cluster content
  • Content silos
  • Topic clusters
  • Pillar posts

How Do Content Pillars Benefit SEO?

Content pillars provide an overall glimpse into a particular topic. By creating in-depth pages that cover the core concepts, you can give your page more authority on a subject and rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs).

In addition, each of the related clusters allows you to create additional content. This then focuses on supporting topics or subtopics. This can further boost the page’s visibility and help you stand out from your competition.

They also provide readers with an overall view of the topic, which helps them get a better understanding of the subject without having to search multiple pages or websites. This makes it easier for them to find what they need quickly. They are also useful for internal linking and keeping your viewer on your site for longer.

Content pillars offer a great way to keep your content fresh and up-to-date. You can repurpose or update existing clusters as needed, adding in new information or reassessing old facts. This keeps your readers engaged and ensures that all of the information contained within the pillar is accurate and up-to-date.

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Using Topic Clusters in Your Content Creation Strategy

Most website owners struggle to increase organic traffic. Content pillars can be an effective strategy. We suggest trying some of these strategies to boost website views.

Identify Target Keywords for Each Content Pillar

Before you start building your content pillars, make sure to conduct keyword research. This will help you identify which keywords related to your topic would be most beneficial for SEO. The topics should be fairly broad, as this will be the main topic of your pillar.

Create a Pillar Page

A pillar post is the main page of your cluster. It should be longer than other pages in the cluster and contain all of the core information related to the topic. This page should also have enough scope to include internal links to other related pages.

Focus On Subtopics for Additional Content Pieces

Once you’ve identified the main keywords and your pillar page, it’s time to create subtopics for your cluster. These will be used to create additional pages that support the main pillar page. Make sure each page contains unique content related to the topic.

Connect Pages With Internal Links

Once all of your content pieces have been created, make sure to link them together with internal links.

This ensures that readers can quickly move between pages and learn more about the subject easily. Internal links also help search engines understand the relationship between different pages on your website, which can help improve SEO.

Promote Your Content

Once your content cluster is complete, it’s time to start promoting it. Share the main pillar page on social media and link to other pages in the cluster when applicable.

You can also consider guest posting or doing interviews related to the topic of your pillar page. All of these strategies will help you get more eyes on your content and improve organic search visibility.

Track Your Progress

Don’t forget to track your progress and see how well your content is performing.

Use tools like Google Analytics to monitor your traffic and determine which pages are most popular among readers. This can help you refine your strategy over time and continue to grow your organic search reach.

Repurpose or Update Existing Clusters

Don’t forget to revisit your content clusters from time to time and update or repurpose them as needed.

This can help you keep your content fresh and ensure that readers are getting the most up-to-date information available. Additionally, search engines may reward you with higher rankings for regularly updating your content.

Leverage Various Types of Media

As part of your strategy, aim to use a variety of media types in your content clusters.

Including images, videos, infographics and other forms of visual content can help break up long blocks of text and make it easier for readers to absorb the information.

Additionally, these types of content are often visually engaging and can help draw more attention to your page.

By leveraging content clusters and other SEO strategies, you can help make your website more visible in organic search results and reach a wider audience. Things like videos and infographics are also more sharable.

Need Help Building a Content Strategy?

Content pillars are an important part of any content marketing strategy. When combined with other SEO strategies, you can help make your website more visible in organic search results and reach a wider audience.

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