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Choices Books & Gifts Celebrates 30 Years of Empowering Recovering Addicts on Their Journey to Sobriety

Choices Books & Gifts continues to evolve and expand its offerings, enriching the lives of individuals on the path to recovery. Their vast array of products, including medallions, books, jewelry, crystals, cards, candles, and gifts, serves as a source of inspiration and support for those battling addiction.


New York, NY, October 31, 2023— Choices Books & Gifts has become a beacon of hope and healing for individuals on their journey to recovery. The company proudly stands as a testament to the power of choice, resilience, and community in the face of addiction. With an unwavering commitment to improving lives, Choices Books & Gifts has been an invaluable resource for those seeking sobriety.

Throughout their 30 Years of service, Choices Books & Gifts has been at the forefront of providing essential resources that encourage healing, hope, and wellness. Their extensive range of products, including medallions, books, jewelry, crystals, cards, candles, and gifts, is tailored to inspire and uplift those battling addiction.

One of Choices Books & Gifts’ most significant contributions to the recovery community is their manufacturing of the largest selection of AA and NA medallions in the world. This achievement ensures that individuals have access to various beautiful and meaningful coins, all at the most competitive prices available.

“At Choices Books & Gifts, our mission is simple yet profound – we want to empower people in their journey towards sobriety, helping them celebrate milestones and find hope in every step,” says Jay DePaolo, CEO at Choices Books & Gifts. “Our medallions, in particular, hold a special place in the hearts of those in recovery. These tokens of accomplishment are crafted with care and precision, designed to commemorate and symbolize victory over addiction.”

Choices Books and Gift Shop recognizes the importance of celebrating progress and staying motivated in the recovery journey. Their AA chips, AA coins, AA tokens, and NA medallions serve as powerful tools for individuals working towards a life free from addiction. Each type of chip caters to a unique aspect of recovery, from motivation to savings, helping individuals take charge of their journey.

The selection of medallions at Choices Books & Gifts boasts a variety of materials, including aluminum, gold, sterling silver, and more. These exquisite medallions feature intricate designs that symbolize the moment of triumph over addiction, adding a tangible and lasting reminder of the resilience within. In particular, AA and NA Medallions hold a special place for those celebrating recovery milestones. They offer a tangible representation of the strength it takes to overcome addiction and a sense of pride for one’s commitment to sobriety.

As Choices Books & Gifts marks another year of service, they continue to make strides in supporting the recovery community. To express gratitude for the unwavering support they have received over the years, Choices Books & Gifts is offering free first-class shipping on US orders over $30, making it even easier for individuals to access the resources and medallions they need to aid their journey to recovery.

Choices Books & Gifts stands as a beacon of hope, celebrating sobriety and empowering recovery. For more information or to explore their wide array of offerings, visit their website at

About Choices Books & Gifts:

Choices Books & Gifts is a health, wellness, and recovery store that has been making a positive impact for over three decades. Their mission is to provide the recovery community with the resources and support they need, all while delivering exceptional customer service. With a diverse range of products, Choices Books & Gifts is dedicated to inspiring hope, celebrating milestones, and fostering a healthier life.

Contact Information:

Organization: Choices Books & Gifts

Contact Person: Jay DePaolo

Phone Number: (212) 794-3858

Address: 220 East 78th Street New York, NY 10075


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