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CBD Sleep Aid Gummies: A Complete Guide

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You’ve likely heard of the new CBD craze. Maybe you heard about it from the news or from a friend who swears that it fixed all of their problems. Either way, it seems that CBD is here to stay.

For people with insomnia, who make up a quarter of the population, this might be the best news they’ve heard in a while. Why is that?

Well, that’s because there are CBD sleep aid gummies for people living with insomnia. But do they work? Let’s talk about that.

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Are CBD Sleep Aid Gummies Right for You?

Before we get into these gummies, let’s talk about what CBD is.

In a nutshell, CBD (cannabidiol) is a chemical compound found in cannabis plants, and it does not get you high like THC. However, there have been many positive testimonies to its health benefits from people with all types of ailments.

While research is limited because of the federal prohibition on marijuana, frequent users of CBD will often claim to be experiencing major life improvements from these little gummies.

So, is this just hype, or are we talking about a miracle insomnia supplement? Let’s talk about that.

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How They Work

Unfortunately, there has been limited research on CBD use because of restrictions from the federal government. However, the research looks promising.

You’ve probably heard of some word of mouth success stories from CBD use in the past couple years. Some users claim CBD may regulate blood sugar for diabetics or alleviate chronic pain for arthritis patients, the supposed benefits seem to be endless. Well, many people are trying this new found supplement for insomnia.

So, how does CBD help you sleep?

Essentially, CBD is not as much of a “sleep aid” as it may help support and alleviate the root causes of insomnia.

For many people, ailments like anxiety, depression, PTSD, and chronic physical pain, will likely make it difficult to sleep at night. The good thing is that CBD may relax your body and may lower blood pressure. The result may be a reduction in anxiety and restlessness.

The results of CBD use may also help to reduce inflammation which can be the root cause of chronic pain, another major cause of insomnia.

Since CBD may help relieve these problems rather than knocking you out, CBD may help you enter a natural sleep, and natural sleep is better for your health and well-being than a medicated sleep.

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Although CBD has not been FDA approved to treat or cure any disease, people from all walks of life take CBD for many reasons in an attempt to help with mental health disorders, diabetes, IBS, menopause symptoms, pain, and many others.

One of the major benefits of CBD products is that they are much more widely available and affordable throughout the United States, unlike recreational or medical marijuana.

When used as a supplement to promote a good night’s sleep for people with insomnia, there may be some benefits to using CBD gummies as opposed to other alternatives.

While there are many options to choose from for CBD products (like vaping, lotions, or oils), edibles like gummies may have an advantage for addressing insomnia. This is because of their long-lasting effects.

Ingesting CBD this way will delay the onset by 1-2 hours, and depending on your metabolism, the effects should last longer in your system than it would by inhaling or applying topically.

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Risks and Side Effects

Taking any new medication for insomnia may come with risks, whether it is prescription or it is purchased over the counter. Remember, CBD is a supplement and is not controlled by the FDA and CBD products are dietary supplements and not intended to treat, cure, or diagnose any ailments. Regardless, it is important to purchase your products from a reputable source.

Again, CBD research is still in its early stages, and there have been reports of side effects that people experience from using CBD products. It’s always best to be aware of possible side effects.

Some side effects reported include fatigue, diarrhea, changes in appetite, and changes in weight. If you’re experiencing these side effects, you may want to avoid using the product.

While CBD is generally believed to be safe, it might interfere with other medications you’re taking, so if you’re taking medication, consult with your doctor before using CBD to make sure it is safe to do so.

best cbd sleep aid gummies

Is CBD Worth It?

This really depends on the user.

While we can’t say for certain that every individual struggling with insomnia will benefit from using CBD products, we can say that, for many, it may be worth a try. This is mainly because of the positive results that so many users have experienced.

It really depends on your willingness to try something new, the laws in your state, the price, and how it will affect you.

If you have the means and the desire to give it a shot, be sure to monitor the effects that you notice. If you’re seeing any side effects without the benefits you wanted, then it isn’t for you.

If you see the product working and helping you sleep through the night, then maybe you have found your product.

If you’re at all worried about the price, rest assured that you’ll find plenty of affordable deals in our shop.

If the law is your concern, there is no need to worry so long as you purchase your CBD from a reputable supplier whose products contain THC levels below the Farm Bill Act of 2018 mandated legal limit of .3% THC. If not, perhaps consult with your doctor to see what will best help you with your insomnia.

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Should You Use CBD for Insomnia?

Since the internet is full of positive success stories with so few side effects, it appears CBD gummies may have potential to help you with your insomnia.

If you’re comfortable that CBD is right for you, then get yourself some sleep aid gummies today and try them out for yourself!

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