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Brow Makeover: Different Eyebrow Techniques for Better Arches

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Perfect arch eyebrows are one of the biggest modern cosmetic obsessions today. Your brows frame your face, which is why even simple grooming makes the biggest difference. Permanent brows are the latest eyebrow technique. If you’re interested in permanent eyebrow makeup, you’ll soon learn there are more options than there ever has been. What’s the best brow solution for you? Here are permanent makeup eyebrow techniques as well as other solutions for your needs.

Permanent Makeup Options

Permanent makeup for the brows has come a long way. There are options for all brows and brow styles as well as different clients. Here’s a breakdown of each.


Microblading is the process of tattooing tiny brow hair strands. This is a permanent solution and some clients may require tweaks after their first session.

The goal is to create the illusion of fuller brows that still looks natural. Clients have the option to choose light and natural brows or bold and trending eyebrows.

Microblading services are done by a specialist who will study your facial features to find the best brow shape for you. The color used matches both your natural brow hair color as well as your skin color and undertones.

Before your service, the brow area is cleaned, brow shape is designed for the client’s approval before getting them numbed. Then, the brow strands are drawn manually using a small handheld tool.

The process usually takes about 2.5 – 3 hours. It will take a week or two for the scabs to come off and about 4-6 weeks for your brows to completely heal.

Keep in mind that microblading isn’t ideal for all clients. In fact, more clients who request the service are not suitable for microblading.

Microblading is a great solution if you don’t have previous eyebrow tattoos or permanent brow makeup.

Your skin type also impacts the final result — specialists recommend clients have normal (or normal/slightly dry) skin and small pores, and no medical or skin conditions.


Shading (also called microshading) is very similar to microblading.

The main difference is shading doesn’t fill in brows as brow hair strokes, but rather draws small dots to fill in the brows. This can be achieved with a tattoo machine or a hand-held manual tool similar to a microblading tool.

The specialist uses a fine-tipped needle or bundle of needles to pigment the brows lightly, resulting in a natural look.

The result is similar to the ways brow powder looks, which is why shading is also known as “powder brow.” You can achieve very bold brows or soft gradation of color, known as Ombre Brows for a natural and striking look.

Shading or ombre brows are the best option for most clients because this service works with all skin types, including oily skin.

Machine Hair Strokes

Unlike microblading, the machine hair strokes method inserts ink in a series of superfine dots to create hair-like strokes.

This method keeps the epidermis intact, causing less trauma to the skin. Machine hair strokes are also longer lasting and the color retention is generally better than microblading.

Combination Brow

Combination brows use a combination of brow techniques. Clients can opt for a combination of ombré shading and hair strokes, which gives you those show-stopping brows or very natural airy brows.

Different Eyebrow Maintenance Solutions

Permanent brows aren’t your only solutions. Here’s more information about permanent and temporary brows, and the different techniques you can do every day to keep your brows in great shape.


Most women do regular daily maintenance, such as filling in their brows. The most popular options include filling brows in with a pencil, gel, powder, or wax.

Doing your own brow makeup daily can help you identify your brow preferences. For example, some women prefer simple natural brows while other women love the striking and full brow look with defined eyebrow arches.

You can also change your brow style depends on your feelings and occasions. But if you don’t know how to style your brows, it may give you a headache. When you don’t have time to devote to your eyebrows, it may stress you out.


Do you want some more extensive eyebrow work done but aren’t ready for permanent brow options? Henna brows are the perfect solution. This method uses ink from the henna plant to dye your brows as well as the skin underneath.

Like henna tattoos, henna brows are long-lasting and completely safe. They last between two and six weeks.


We covered the most common permanent brow procedures, such as microblading and shading.

These services usually last for at least a year and you may only need basic tweaks after your first session. This is the most realistic option that also comes with little maintenance.

What to Do Before Getting Permanent Brow Makeup

Before your permanent makeup appointment, there are certain best practices that will result in amazing brows. Here’s what to do at least a week before your appointment.

Avoid the Sun

If you’re a tanning enthusiast, try to avoid the sun or the tanning bed. Brow specialists will study your natural skin color and undertones to find the best color, and a recent tan will throw off that process.

In addition, sunburns will interfere with the healing.

Don’t Undergo Hair Removal for a Week

This includes tweezing, plucking, waxing, and other hair removal methods. Any hair removal method will stress out your skin, which can interfere with permanent brow makeup healing.

Keep Your Skincare Routine at a Minimum

While near-perfect skin is recommended for permanent makeup, you’ll still want to keep your skincare routine at a minimum a couple of weeks before your appointment. In other words, avoid intense facials, peels, and exfoliants.

All of these procedures will leave your skin more vulnerable, interfering with the microblading healing process.

Are You Interested in Permanent Makeup Eyebrow Techniques?

Permanent makeup eyebrow techniques are sky-rocketing in popularity.

If you’re considering permanent brows, you should know your options and essential information about these different techniques.

In addition, not all clients will be a good candidate for microblading but may be better-suited for shading or machine hair strokes.

Are you looking for permanent makeup brows in Metro Vancouver? Take a look at our services.

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