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5 Ways to Improve Your Website’s Google Rankings

Digital presence is paramount to success in the modern business world. If you want your business to thrive, you must make yourself known online. This includes everything from social media and emails to online ads and content creation. 

At the heart of your online presence, however, is your website. It is the digital storefront of your company. And if you want people visiting that storefront, your need to invest in your Google rankings. 

The higher you rank on Google for keywords related to your industry, the more organic traffic your website will receive. The more consumers visit your website, the more leads you’ll generate. 

We want to help. Keep reading for our top SEO tips to improve your Google rankings.

1. Research and Implement Effective Keywords

Almost 90% of consumers conduct research before investing in a product or service. Typically, this research begins with a search engine, and search engine optimization is all about keyword usage.

When a consumer uses a keyword search, they’re looking for specific information, products, or services. You can increase your Google rankings by researching the most effective keywords and keyword phrases for your niche and industry. These can be long-tail keywords, local keywords, niche keywords, etc. 

2. Register Your Website with Google My Business

One of the simplest SEO strategies is to register your company with Google My Business. This can help you improve your Google rankings and attract more consumers to your page. 

When you register with Google My Business, it:

  • Give you more visibility
  • Provides essential no-click information for consumers
  • Makes it easier for consumers to find your products and services

Just as importantly, it’s completely free to register with Google My Business.

3. Work with an SEO Agency

Sometimes, learning how to rank higher on Google means working with experts in the SEO industry. Unless you own a digital marketing company, your field of expertise is unlikely to include SEO strategizing. 

In the same way that you wouldn’t expect a professional pianist to be a skilled contractor, you shouldn’t be expected to be an SEO expert. Instead, take a look at this SEO agency to see if they can provide the help you need.

4. Get Backlinks From Other Websites

One way in which SEO services can help you improve your Google rankings is by helping you obtain credible backlinks. Backlinks are links to your pages on alternative websites. These include blogs and professional business websites. 

The more backlinks you have to your site, the more credible you will appear to Google, which results in better search engine rankings. You can get backlinks by affiliating with other businesses, guest posting on blogs, and working with an SEO agency.

5. Publish Blog Articles on Your Website

Finally, learn how to rank higher on Google by using your own website. Create a blog for your site and fill it with relevant, informative, and keyword-packed articles. However, don’t resort to keyword-stuffing, which is a form of black hat SEO.

Black hat SEO will actually hurt your Google rankings because it will view your website as spammy. Effective and consistent white hat SEO is key to running a thriving website. 

Want to Improve Your Google Rankings?

Are you looking to generate more leads and make more sales on your website? If so, start by finding ways to improve your Google rankings. Follow the steps listed above to get your feet in the water.

And if when you’re ready for more SEO tips, browse through some of our other digital marketing content. Our blog was created to help entrepreneurs like you find success in the competitive business world. 

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