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Before Purchasing a Luxury Candle

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Candles have been around since time immemorial. Their primary purpose has, however, changed from solely providing light to being used in ceremonies, events and as the perfect gift. What was once regarded as a mere source of light has now become a major, singular, power-market, influencing the meteoric rise of the luxury candle.

New entrants to the market have modified their ideas to produce higher quality candles with higher quality fragrances, directly influenced by consumer demand.  However, thanks to this thing called the internet, the candle-buyer of today is more highly educated than that of 25 years ago. The standard of quality that would have passed for “good” in 1995 no longer makes the cut in today’s market.  How do you become one of those candle-savvy buyers? Read on.


Before Selecting

Luxury scented candles are produced with different types of fragrances or scent.  Most companies follow a particular trend in fragrance-type. However, before even considering fragrance-type, there is one even more critical thing to consider; the burn quality.  It is essential to get top burn quality before all other considerations. All other qualities in a candle are completely dependant on the burn. A quality burn is one that gives you extended use and little soot with effective light and a full melt pool, all without compromising quality.

The most sensitivity-inducing or allergy-inducing quality of a “cheap” candle is soot.  Soot is caused by incomplete combustion, which can happen for a variety of complex reasons, but for the sake of brevity, let’s just assume the best way to find a candle with low soot is to buy high-quality.  If a candle has a heavy black film around the neck of the glass after burning or if you find yourself wiping a grey film from home appliances, although your candle may need trimming, better advice is to upgrade to a higher quality or premium candle.

Benefits of Luxury Fragrance Candles

1. Luxury can be Environmentally Beneficial

Most fossil fuels are getting a bad reputation for one reason or another but mostly due to what is promoted as “bad for the environment”.  Although that is not always the case, especially when those fuels are used as home-decor makers and not engine-runners, premium candle makers have begun to lean toward a cleaner bill of health.  That means using soy, coconut oil and palm wax as a part of the candle formula.  Candles made with 100% vegetable-based waxes tend to have trouble burning and they dampen the strength of fragrance in the candle.  Higher quality candles aren’t made with 100% vegetable or paraffin based waxes. They are made with a hybrid of the two, offering benefits that are quite noticeable.  You’ll see longer burn-times, a cleaner burn and, if made correctly, a complete and clean burn-pool (fully melted to the edge of the container). Longer burn times mean fewer trips to the purchase line and a smaller environmental footprint with lesser natural resources used.

2. The Age-Old Benefit of Candle Light

One of the primary reasons people love candles is the soft, mood-setting light provided by the flickering flame.  What about a reduction in the use of electricity? Most evenings are spent in lower-light environments. The use of candle light facilitates the setting of that very type of atmosphere, reducing average electricity consumption, not to mention a lower electric bill.  The trick is finding a candle with a complete-combustion flame or that offers little to no soot. A luxury candle should offer that delicate balance of substantial light without creating substantial soot.

3. They Enhance & Create Memories

It’s entirely natural to form close relationships with specific scents.  Research shows the olfactory sense has the most powerful ability, of all the senses, to put a marker in the memory.  Different scents have different connections with our memory nerves in the brain, affecting our memory capabilities in a significant way. Your attachment to different fragrances will play a big role in how you remember things.  Just think about the last time you smelled a particular fragrance and a memory of the last time you smelled that scent came to mind.  Take advantage of this excellent trick by lighting your preferred fragrance candle while performing a task you want to remember.

4. They Express Your Personality

Expressing your personality through home-fragrance is just as personal as your choice of fashion, home decor or perfume.  You don’t wear a particular fragrance just to be wearing it. You wear it because you like it, it makes you feel good about yourself and you are keenly aware when someone has taken note of your wonderful fragrance choice.  It’s an actual complement to your personal taste. If this sounds familiar, you can and should experience the same through your home-fragrance choices. The great thing about home fragrance is you can easily switch from day to day, to different fragrances depending on your mood, for much less than a wide selection of perfumes.  Selecting a “signature” scent or two, for your home, is one of the most powerfully gratifying things you can do to make your space 100% yours.

5. Candles are Mood Changers

Scents not only affect your memory but can also have an impact on your brain’s emotion receptors.  Different scents can play a significant role in changing or maintaining how you feel. This is not just a fact for essential oil fragrances, but for any kind of fragrance.  When you’re day has been long and difficult, try lighting a soft vanilla-lavender fragrance for a calming effect. When you’re looking for a cozy mood for the day or evening, go for a gourmand or cinnamon based fragrance.  Floral fragrance is often linked to inducing a positive attitude while others act like up-beat music to lift the spirits.

Try a variety of fragrances to find one or two that work best for you.  Then change those fragrances out, depending on your needs and stick with what works best for you.

Candle Quality Matters

Candle selection is actually a big commitment.  Your choice is going to be with you through the end of the burn, which is, if you’ve selected properly, a long burn-life.  So, the next time you’re shopping for that long-burning candle, go the extra mile. Don’t believe all fragrances or candles are made equally.  Read reviews or try a smaller size before committing to the “big one”. Most importantly, don’t be wary of spending a few extra dollars for premium.  In the end, you’ll have a much better, longer-lasting, cleaner experience well worth the extra few dollars.

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