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Ask yourself this before you hire a color consultant or interior designer

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The difference between color consultants, interior designers, and paint color consultations explained

A color consultant helps people choose paint colors for their walls, usually by matching existing furnishings and room details. An interior designer helps with space planning by helping you select or install new lighting, materials, furnishings, textures, curtains, rugs, etc.

Typically you’d hire an interior designer to coordinate larger projects, like in commercial office environments where they may want brand colors to interact with other elements like their chairs, fabrics, and more.

Interior designers often hold licenses and have expertise in building materials (like fabric and tile) and more that work within fire codes, building safety, and project management with architects or other contractors.

If you ask yourself, “Do I want to totally redo this room or space?” and the answer is “No”, you need a color consultant.

What color consultants can do for you

A color consultant is what most people need most of the time for their homes. Color consulting services will:

  1. Show you paint and color combinations that work with your existing furniture, flooring, and house.
  2. Offer color choices based on your input, like, “I want something to brighten this space,” or, “We’re expecting a baby and want something calming in here.”
  3. Color consultations include a process for creating a color palette in a single room or every room across your home or small business.
  4. You’ll get help choosing the best color combinations, including shades and tints, via various paint swatches and samples on your walls.

When our professional color consultants at Woodiwiss Painting arrive, usually to quote your home’s interior or exterior paint job, we have the ability to provide clients with thousands of color options.

It sounds overwhelming (and selecting paint colors can be!), but our crew has the confidence and expertise to offer a lot of help or a little help when you’re unsure what the right color is for you.

Often we’ll help a person discuss their vision for a room. If you don’t have one or never thought about it, we can offer some suggestions based on the color of accessories in a room. We also know all the latest trends, so if you want to stay current or ahead of the curve, a good color consultant can help.

For instance, if your living room features a large painting over the couch that serves as a visual centerpiece, we might present complimentary colors or ways to create more or less focus based on certain colors.

Or, if you want a radiant color for your front door as part of a larger exterior house painting project, we can offer trendy, fashionable, and unique ideas.

Color selections are deeply personal, and the process often involves other members of the family or your household. Sometimes people have photos or pictures on their walls they want to work with, either because they’re prominent or have unique frames or ornate designs they want to work into the color scheme. A color consultant can help you narrow down the right color through swatches and then with sample paint colors.

Paint colors are a big deal — personally and financially

Reinventing a room’s look and feel from the ground up with new rugs, window coverings, artwork, furnishings, tables, chairs, and more is expensive. Painting a room is dramatically cheaper, making it not just a big deal, but also a very good deal.

You can reflect your personal style in a room in as little as a day or two with paint. Unlike with full interior design, where your decisions cost a lot and are frequently permanent insofar as you can’t easily return the flooring or furnishings, paint colors are easily swappable. If you’re tired of a color scheme in a few years, you can choose a new paint color and reinvent the space without breaking the bank.

As a bonus: if you want to start refreshing your interior design and color selection in a space over time, start with the paint colors. It’ll give you the most impact in the shortest amount of time and let you start to replace furniture or accessories in the room as your budget allows.

This way, you can create your own interior design project with a one, three, or even five-year timeline. The average lifespan of an interior paint job from one of our crews is 7-10 years, so you’ll have time to create a space that works for you.

Get started with paint color consultation services with Woodiwiss Painting

When you’re ready for a no-pressure, no-risk paint color consultation, contact us to get started. Our color consultants are provided at no extra cost as part of all our paint jobs.

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