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Arenti 100%Wire-Free GO1 Helps Protect Your Safety

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An outdoor camera is great because if someone’s on your porch you can talk to them and they can talk to you. This contact-free communication is also of great importance for safety. besides, it’s good for when you’re not home and want to guard your home.

Arenti, whose mission is to make your life easier, safer and smarter. we believe everyone deserves the peace of mind at home, which is why we’ve created plenty of effective and easy to use home security products for every home and lifestyle.

Today announced 2021 upgraded Arenti GO1, its most advanced outdoor security camera equipped with 100% wireless & 6700mAh battery, 1080P Full HD & IP65 water resistance. The all-new Arenti GO1 is an outdoor camera that builds upon the features of 100% wireless & 6700mAh battery with 1080P full HD&IP65 water resistance, providing homeowners more insight into what’s happening around their home.

“One year ago, we reinvented the ordinary outdoor camera with our original Arenti outdoor camera, and now we’re bringing more cutting-edge features to this device with Arenti GO1,” said Silas Lou, Arenti’s Product Manager.

“By expanding our AI motion detection technology and upgraded dual mounting options to the wireless Arenti GO1 camera, we’re giving customers greater insight about what’s taking place on their home for peace of mind.”

About Arenti Wireless GO1 Camera

Now the most advanced outdoor camera in Arenti’s lineup, the newly re-designed Arenti outdoor camera is equipped with Arenti’s new innovative features Arenti 100% wireless & 6700mAh battery with 1080P full HD & IP65 water resistance. Additionally, two-way audio helps users hear what’s happening more distinctly.

The GO1 outdoor security camera provides you real-time two-way audio, you can see, hear and talk with the visitors immediately. You could add your family members to the group sharing on the home security phone app.

Arenti GO1 to the outside of their home and connect to Arenti APP. Arenti GO1 enables customers to check in on their home anytime from anywhere from their mobile or Alexa-enabled device, and see and speak with visitors in real-time.

The GO1’s Unique Qualities

Designed with privacy and security in mind, Arenti GO1 includes advanced features such as customizable motion zones that trigger recordings and privacy zones that exclude areas in the camera field of view from the video recording.

For an advanced security option, the GO1 security camera offers you crystal-clear images and video recordings. You could also see out-of-sight corners with a 145° wide angle. You’ll get a push notification on your phone if someone passes. You can comfortably lie on your sofa and get access to your GO1 camera via Alexa or Google. Besides, The GO1 outdoor camera can detect the slightest movement in front of the door. You’ll get a push notification on your phone if someone passes.

You can check suspicious activity at any time. The home security camera is designed with high-quality material covering and IP65 water resistance. It is safe to be used in all weather conditions.

Committed to providing customers with safer features that make their cameras work better for them. Arenti is expanding its AI motion detection technology to Arenti GO1 to give customers more control of the motion alerts they receive.

With AI motion detection technology, Arenti GO1 camera allows homeowners to customize which areas of their outdoor, front door areas.

Also available on the Arenti GO1 camera these features create a visual

representation of the path traveled once a visitor crosses the selected areas, so the homeowner has a greater understanding of what’s happening when

viewing individual videos from each device in the Arenti app.

Review and Support

The good reviews keep coming.

“When I first got the Arenti GO1 camera, I was a bit surprised by the price tag on it, only $59.99. I thought that something this inexpensive couldn’t be all that great—I am glad I was wrong. The camera quality is really good, and the setup is simple installation had some issues. I want it to keep recording until the person or whatever is out of sight. so far it is excellent. clear images and easy to install. great value.” a housewife says.

“I was impressed with the Arenti GO1 camera. It had some exciting features and a good quality camera. I would happily use this in my home for either home security options or outdoor security devices. You’d be hard-pressed to find a camera out there of similar quality and ease-of-use for the same price point. I’d easily recommend the Arenti GO1 —while using the SD storage option—to my friends and family.” a businessman from Hoofddorp, the Netherlands says.

“I got this camera so I could move it around my yard and watch my dogs without having to plug it in. This camera was super easy to set up and get going, literally took no more than 10 minutes. The picture quality is very good and I can see my whole backyard. I am super happy with the camera, it exceeded my expectations. I am planning to buy at least one more of these cameras and I recommend it!!” a pet owner says.

“Quickly delivery, arrived the second day after purchase. Installation is very smooth, just following the app. During the installation, using the camera itself to scan the QR code generated by the app is a very good feature. Easy-to-use app.” A middle-aged woman says.

As you can see, the Arenti GO1 camera can help you get peace of mind about your precious pets whenever you’re away from your home. Not only does this camera allow you to get a panorama view, but it also has night vision, two-way audio, and motion/sound notifications. With all these features, it’ll be the next best thing to being at home to protect your family’s safety.

Pricing and Availability

Arenti GO1 camera is $69.99 and is available for order at and Additionally, the original Arenti outdoor camera is now available for an all-new low price of $69.99 on and

There is a piece of good news for our new customer, that is to say, if you are a new register, you will get a 15% OFF, besides, if you purchase our products at, you will enjoy an extra 10% OFF.

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Arenti’s Mission

Since its founding in 2017, Arenti has been on a mission to make your life smarter, easier and safer. From the video doorbell to the outdoor and indoor camera, which was named top in customer satisfaction for home security systems in 2020. Arenti’s smart home security product line, as well as the Arenti app, offers users affordable whole-home and neighborhood security.

At Arenti, we are committed to making home and neighborhood security accessible and effective for everyone–while working hard to bring communities together. Its products are exported to more than 150 countries and regions. We providing security services for millions of families. Information security is significant in the field of security.

Every security manufacturer should attach great importance to protect user’s privacy from infringement and leakage. Arenti has always been user-oriented, thinking about what users think, and striving to provide each user with safe, secure, and intelligent security solutions.

Arenti has always hoped to continue to provide value to users by shaping innovative products, so it attaches great importance to technology and product research and development innovation and invests a lot of talents and funds to conduct research and development work every year. After several years of development, Arenti has been effective in research and innovation.

Become A Member of Arenti

At Arenti, we believe everyone deserves the peace of mind at home and in their neighborhood, which is why we’ve created a variety of effective and easy-to-use home security products for every home and lifestyle.

So what are you waiting for? Start protecting your home today with the best outdoor camera on the market: the Arenti GO1 camera.

Arenti keeps the safety of your home in mind with a wonderfully crafted device. Here at Arenti, we believe that smart home security cameras are the best way to ensure home protection.

Join us today so that you can breathe easy about your home’s safety!

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