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All you need to know to choose the best CPA offer

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When you are marketing your business, it is the return on investment that you want to see; whereas when you are advertising someone’s business, it is a good commission for the services that you expect. That is when CPA marketing and CPA networks come into the game. Earlier, dubious goods and services were dominant in CPA networks. That is why people used to be intimidated by CPA marketing. Today banks radically changed the alignment. They built strong interactions with aggregators and pointed at the potential of CPA. Webmasters got better terms, and aggregators improved the infrastructure.

As a result, the CPA market is growing every year. Thus, webmasters must understand how to choose the right CPA network and how to choose the best offer to make a profit?

What is CPA marketing in a nutshell?

Briefly speaking, CPA marketing (cost per action marketing) is a type of affiliate marketing that brings a commission to the webmaster upon the action on the advertiser’s website. CPA marketing is one of the most preferred models of marketing strategies.

The CPA marketing chain includes four players:

– CPA network

– Company (advertiser

– Partner (webmaster)

– User (visitor, potential customer)

How to get inside the CPA network?

СРА network is an affiliate program where any webmaster from beginner to expert can find an offer to earn money on favorable terms. It is an aggregator website that brings advertisers and webmasters together.

The aggregator works so that the advertiser does not need to negotiate with each webmaster individually. All communication with them is sorted out and automated within the framework of the platform.

The CPA network provides advertisers with orders and ensures that there are no violations from both sides.

CPA networks charge a fee for this mediation. The specific figure depends on the platform, but usually, it is about 20 percent of the amount paid to the webmaster.

Aggregators work with neither with random advertisers nor with random webmasters.

The network manager always checks the advertiser’s website. If for any reason the manager is in doubt, the application will be rejected already at this stage. In most cases, it happens for a reason. If aggregators immediately reject the advertiser, then there are serious problems with the site.

Network managers will then test the advertiser’s offer. It should match the theme of the aggregator. The market is built in such a way that each CPA platform takes specific niches, specializing in certain types of traffic. Therefore, networks have preferences in choosing an advertiser.

If you a webmaster, you need to sign up for the affiliate program to become its partner. Some networks are very easy to get in since you just fill in your data, others might ask to see your website. Depending on the network, the requirements might vary.

How to choose your best CPA offer?

start with the best cpa offers today

The choice of the offer for the webmaster is the most important task for the webmaster in CPA marketing.

To get a good offer you need to carefully analyze the key points. One of the most common mistakes made by beginners is the choice of the most popular sphere, which has a higher degree of competition. This leads to the fact that an inexperienced beginner can not compete with more experienced webmasters.

Below you can find the most important principles you should know and follow when you choose and start working on the offer.

1. Test the offer in different networks

Today on the Internet there is a wide selection of CPA networks, and sometimes they offer webmasters similar range of offers. However, the level of comfort in each network and returns on the offers is different.

Thus, you should also test the same CPA offer in different networks so that you can get valuable information that will determine the further cooperation with the network. If the webmaster found a good proposal, it is worth testing to work with it on another network, since the results might be very different from one network to another.

2. Keep in touch with the network manager

Especially when you are new in the game, do not be afraid to communicate with the CPA network managers get some guidance. These people are interested that the webmaster receives income since usually they receive a commission from it. An advertising manager with experience should be able to suggest you a profitable offer.

In the process of communication, the webmaster is always able to obtain operational data on a specific advertising offer. You can find out the nuances of cooperation, the prospects of the offer, reviews about advertisers and other insider information from the affiliate manager.

3. Thoroughly check the advertiser

It is impossible to say for sure whether the landing will be profitable until you test it. Before starting your work with the offer it is important to see how well the landing is done, how long it takes to load and whether there is a powerful commercial offer.

The availability of the landing version for different devices also plays a great role. These days the share of site visitors from mobile devices is extremely high and is growing daily. That is why the presence of a mobile or adaptive version in the offer is vital. The lack of mobile landing can lead to a loss of traffic and profits.

If the desktop landing and mobile are placed separately, such offers are quite promising. Do not forget to separate traffic between devices, so that users are directed to the landing pages corresponding to their devices.

4. Evaluate the work of the call center (in product offers).

Before directing user traffic to the advertiser’s landing page, test the operation of the application acceptance service by placing an order. It will show how fast you get your commission as a webmaster. Track how the test application will be processed. Check how much time has passed between sending the application via the online form and the call. Evaluate the operator’s level of training: is he able to answer customer questions, does he know the necessary details about the product, does he offer additional products?

Customers of large affiliate networks note the over-persistence of telephone sellers in an attempt to sell additional accessories. Aggressive selling affects confirmed applications. Therefore, it is worth making sure that the representatives of the advertiser themselves are not breaking the deal. As practice shows, the wrong handling of customers at the final stage of sales can ruin even the most promising offer.

5. Check the channels and geography.

The webmaster might have to face some challenges regarding the marketing channels since the CPA network might forbid the use of specific channels. Thus, special attention should be paid to the difficulties in leading the user towards the offer. You might want to eliminate this risk. Often, the advertiser signs the preferred traffic sources for specific offers. For instance, contextual advertising on Facebook can be used to advertise banking services, etc.

The webmaster should also check which is the required geography for the leads. He needs to pay attention to whether it is possible to target the geography that the advertiser allows using the indicated marketing channel.

Do not forget that using online services for monitoring online advertising helps a lot. You can take a look at which offer, where and via which channels are being promoted at the moment.

Every time choosing an offer and a traffic source, you must first evaluate your skills and resources. There is no ideal secret for the success of webmasters: each has its way. Someone works well with contextual advertising, someone with teasers, someone with social networks.

For a beginner, in our opinion, it would be right to test as many traffic sources as possible. This will help you understand which will be most effective for you personally. If we talk about experienced webmasters, looking for new sources, studying them and developing is a great option.

6. Look at the type of action and remuneration.

It is a key point to have a clear idea of the type of action and the amount of remuneration before you start working with the offer.

As we mentioned before, actions paid by the advertiser may vary. The most common types of actions are: lead, filling out an order or a feedback form, visit the landing page, view of the video, view of the Price List, file upload, and sale.

The best action for beginners would be a lead concluded with the confirmed application for a product or service via registration or subscription. The reason for this is a rather quick lead. It is easy to bring the user to make a click than a transaction.

If you are working with a cost per sale, then it’s best to choose a confirmed application. In this case, the target client must leave his phone number on the site. Then the call center contacts the client to confirm the order and after that, the webmaster is credited for the lead. Even if the product is returned in the end, in most cases the webmaster still gets his commission.

In any case, the webmaster has to be interested in the proposal. He must see the return on working with the advertiser, otherwise, his interest will fade away. The faster the user acts, the faster the webmaster earns his commission. The faster he earns it, the more traffic he will lead.

However, the size of payments only at first glance determines the prospects of the offer. It is no coincidence that some offers get to the end of the list. Payouts are a very individual factor since the principle «the higher the fee, the better the offer» does not always work in affiliate networks.

Many affiliate networks have the top 10 most popular offers for the previous week. If the offer of interest is not in the top look at CR (average conversion rate) and EPC (average earnings per click).

Check also such indicators as the cookie lifetime. For instance, if it is written «90 days», you will make a profit within three months. Take a look also on the percentage of approvals. The bigger it is, the better. It shows how many targeted actions were ultimately confirmed. If the percentage is not high, you should look for another offer.

7. Verify the seasonality and relevance.

Seasonality and relevance play a great role in CPA marketing, especially in consumer goods. It is crucial to catch the client at the right time in the right place so that he can bring you a lead. For instance, the traffic for summer clothes is going to be higher in spring/summer rather than in winter.

8. Track the mode of the offer.

Keep an eye on the mode of the offer. There are multiple reasons why the offer might get disabled: the large volume of incoming applications, problems with production or lack of goods in the warehouse and interruptions in supplies. For information about disabling a specific offer, always contact the manager. That is a common practice in affiliate networks. Webmasters must know about changes in the offer’s availability at the right time.

How to monetize your CPA offer once you chose it?

Once you have picked an offer, do not expect it to bring you money without taking good care of it yourself. There are some techniques that you should keep in mind to keep on monetizing your offer.

1. Quality of the traffic.

According to many webmasters, the easiest and most promotional option is to get traffic through teaser affiliate networks. This is a mistake because the inefficiency of using cheap advertising is not taken into account. This approach cannot generate the desired amount of targeted traffic (not to mention profit). To achieve the desired result, it is recommended to work with only a high-quality, targeted and loyal audience.

2. Optimization.

The activities of CPA marketing and all the components of an advertising campaign must be constantly analyzed and optimized. This plays an important role in the creation and promotion of sites, blogs and groups on social networks. Beginners often forget about it after entering a network. However, it is recommended that you regularly test advertising results. As a webmaster check if you are using the right channels and if they keep attracting the traffic.

3. Creativity.

Most webmasters use traditional schemes for the development and launch of advertising. This is because they put into practice the knowledge gained from a basic study of the rules and features of the CPA business. This narrows the range of possible options for an advertising campaign and limits the possibility of effective optimization. Whereas a webmaster who tries to use new creative solutions in his work usually achieves better results.

4. User interests and requirements.

One of the frequently made and widespread mistakes among beginners is to ignore the interests and requirements of the target audience. This happens because webmasters are primarily taking care of the development and promotion of their website to increase their profits. But in this situation, they can miss stable traffic to the site.

A formal approach to bringing traffic usually works so that the usability of the site and its content are neglected. Whereas that plays a crucial role in attracting the attention of many users. The detriment of this approach shows itself at the monetization stage. The only way out of this situation is to follow the interests and preferences of the target audience. It is necessary to create an interface, select information, distribute advertising that is primarily aimed at the target audience.

5. Work with SEO.

Website traffic directly depends on the competent use of SEO-technologies. However, most webmasters do not pay enough attention to them. As a result, a large amount of useful and important information passes by the target audience, which does not see it in the search results.

However, excessive enthusiasm for SEO-optimization might not be useful. The text where SEO is too intense completely loses its readability.

6. Patience.

The most common mistake made by beginners in CPA marketing is the lack of patience. There is no instant profit: it will take a considerable amount of time before the campaign brings the first results. Webmasters require much patience, effort, and diligence. If the first campaign does not reach the targets, analyze the errors and try to start it again. Keep on improving.

Summing it all up.

In conclusion, CPA marketing is undoubtedly transforming today’s idea of digital marketing. CPA marketing is growing, and now it is time to get informed of its principles more than ever. To learn how to benefit from CPA networks, you need to make an effort. CPA marketing can be the best way to get conversion and revenue. Once you have decided to go for a CPA model, always start with a strong and reliable network and always evaluate the choice of the CPA offer. That is your ticket to succeed in CPA marketing.

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