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A Photographer’s Backyard Greenhouse is Picture Perfect – Style at Home

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BC Greenhouse Builders Limited, North America’s leading builder of hobby and estate greenhouses, is proud to announce the recent article “A Photographer’s Backyard Greenhouse is Picture Perfect” by Christy Wright.  The article features our customer Emily Yewchuck and her stunning Cottage model 12×16 glass greenhouse.

Bigger is better. That’s just what Emily Yewchuk, owner of Yew & Co., realized after building an eight-by-12-foot greenhouse at her home in British Columbia’s Comox Valley. “After six months, I knew that all the things I wanted to do here would require more square footage,” she says. “I was faced with a choice: stick with the greenhouse I had or expand and reconfigure it. I chose the latter and that’s how the 12-by-16-foot Yew Greenhouse was born.”

This Cottage 12×16 glass greenhouse is designed as an event space, growing space and photography studio too.


“Make use of vertical space for both functionality and visual interest. Adding shelves all the way to the greenhouse roof really draws the eye up and makes the space feel grand. Hanging baskets, string lights, botanical mobiles and hanging vases are all ways to take advantage of vertical space.”

All photographs supplied by the talented Emily Yewchuk.


“I chose flagstone flooring in my first greenhouse. It was very dirty and uneven so put- ting any furniture inside was a wobbly mess. With this one, we worked for days prepping the ground to make sure it was solid and level and then laid 915 bricks in a herringbone pattern. It looks beautiful but also provides a really level floor.”

yew greenhouse

Emily and her daughter enjoying sunny afternoons in the greenhouse.


“Use pots as decor. For me, pots are like coffee mugs and I love to collect them. Not all of my pots are the same, but that’s part of the charm. They are, however, all from the same colour palette: white, soft pinks and creams. I browse for pots at every garden or home decor shop I come across, but I always ensure they share the same tone, so the space, as a whole, has a cohesive feel. Layering in decorative furnishings like chairs and rugs in natural materials also makes an outdoor space feel cozy.”

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