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A Guide to the Different Types of Heavy Duty Industrial Shelving Racks

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Warehouse storage is an overlooked part of the supply chain, and it’s necessary to keep up with the historic level of goods entering the United States from cargo ships traveling the seas. Keeping up with demand starts with having the best types of shelving for your warehouse, which begins with knowing your options.

There are several types of heavy-duty industrial shelving racks available for warehouse organization. Each option provides several benefits. Your industrial shelving should be an asset for organized goods and efficient operations.

It’s your chance to upgrade your facility and keep up with the demand of products entering US shores and heading to your warehouse facility. Fortunately, you’ve found the perfect guide to learning more about warehouse storage and organization. Continue reading to find the perfect heavy-duty industrial shelving racks today!

Steel Shelving

Steel shelving is one of the most robust options for industrial shelving. It’s also one of the most common options warehouses opt for when storing goods. You’ll find several valuable applications for these metal shelves.

One of the reasons to consider using steel shelving is the ease of installation and customization. You can modify your metal shelves with accessories to meet your brand’s needs.

The two most common forms of steel shelving are open-back and closed-back shelves. Check your state’s fire code when choosing between these two types of shelves.

Arguably, the most crucial aspect of choosing heavy-duty industrial shelving racks is the weight of the goods you’re storing. If you’re storing car batteries, it’s critical to ensure your shelves can keep up. Steel is best suited for heavier loads of cargo.

Rivet Shelving

Rivet shelving is another standard option to consider when investing in new types of shelves. It’s also called boltless shelving. It’s an affordable option when comparing metal shelves for your warehouse.

One of the best perks of rivet shelving is the ease of installation in your warehouse. The typical design uses steel framing with particle board or wire shelving for storing goods. It’s an excellent choice if you need industrial shelving for heavy goods.

Open and closed options are both available, but you must check your local fire code before opting for one over the other. Ultimately, rivet shelving is easy to install and customize, though it can’t keep up with steel shelves. Consider this option if you’re upgrading your warehouse on a limited budget.

Wire Shelving

Wire shelving is a lightweight option compared to rivet and steel shelving for warehouse storage. You’ll find wire shelving in retail backrooms and warehouses due to its benefits.

The demand for wire shelving comes from its versatility compared to other options for warehouse organization. It’s easy to construct and install, and you can purchase it in most hardware stores.

The open design makes it the perfect choice for a warehouse with a strict fire code. Though wire shelving is helpful, it’s not well-suited for heavier loads. If you have lighter options to store on it, it’s an excellent addition to your warehouse’s storage solutions.

You can also use the design’s lightweight to create mobile shelving units. Add in the mold and rust resistance, and you’ve discovered a versatile and practical industrial shelving option.

Dynamic Shelving

Dynamic shelving offers features that other heavy-duty industrial shelving racks can’t compete with. Unlike wire, rivet, and steel shelving, dynamic shelving can be moved to create more efficient configurations. The standard setup uses columns that are lightweight and easy to move.

You’ll also find that dynamic shelves use heavy-duty materials that maintain the lightweight for easy configuration. You can trust your new dynamic shelving system to withstand fire, rust, and mold in your warehouse. East Coast Storage Equipment will help you set up your new storage system.

Consider a system that is compatible with a pallet rack. You can use the maneuverability of dynamic shelving to create multiple rows of shelving from one rack. It’s one of the most cost-effective ways to increase storage density in your warehouse.

Benefits of Heavy-Duty Industrial Shelving Racks

There are several benefits your company gains when you invest in heavy-duty industrial shelving racks for storage. You’ll improve efficiency and productivity within your warehouse. It’s also a fantastic way to save space and optimize warehouse organization.

Here’s a closer look at other notable benefits of industrial shelving.

1. Customization

You can configure your industrial shelving to meet several needs and store different products. The most durable metal shelves can house construction materials and automotive parts.

The ease of assembly and dismantling makes it perfect for warehouse organization. You can accommodate seasonal demand by adjusting your warehouse storage to keep up with the influx of goods.

2. Versatility

Heavy-duty industrial shelving racks are also versatile assets. You can use them in several settings, including offices, warehouses, and retail stores. Most shelving units are also compatible with accessories to accommodate your business’s needs.

Look for the various styles that work well with the products you’re attempting to store. Combine your warehouse layout with your budget to find the best types of shelves.

3. Space Efficiency

Shelving systems that look nice are an excellent addition, but space efficiency is the name of the game. The best industrial shelving allows you to store up to 1,000 pounds of goods on one shelf. The storage density helps you maximize your space and improve workplace safety.

4. Durability

Steel and metal shelves are made with robust construction. You can count on your new warehouse storage systems to withstand bumps and abuse from forklifts and other machines. Structural and galvanized steel are the best options if you want industrial shelving built to last.

Find the Perfect Industrial Shelving System Today

Finding the best metal shelves for warehouse storage is critical to boosting storage density and workplace safety. Steel shelving is the best if you need heavy-duty industrial shelving racks. In contrast, dynamic shelves provide flexibility in your warehouse organization. Metal shelves provide space efficiency and durability to help your brand meet seasonal demands.

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